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    Are you feeling fff? 

    Frustrated? Fatigued? Fed Up?
    There are so many choices for us out there! We help you simplify what you need and when you need it.


    Is your current life getting
    in the way of the life you want?

    We are here to support you to live a life you love. You are unique, so we believe in creating programs that are unique to you. 


    Meet Your Team 

    Here, you have a whole team of practitioners working together to provide you with the best results with support and understanding.


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Your Multi Award Winning Centre Welcomes You:

Welcome to Wellness! Your team is ready when you are. MNW is your 'third space' your place between work and home where you can trust that you will receive quality care from our experienced practitioners. We have been supporting peoples lives since 2002 and we look forward to supporting yours too.

We believe in combining science, medicine and complementary medicine to achieve an accurate diagnosis giving you the best ‘whole-istic’care. We work in collaboration with General Practitioners and Specialists to get you the best results.

With our two levels of care, Corrective & Wellness, we make it easy for you to choose your treatment level based on what you need at this time. If you are unsure at any time, simply start with a Wellness Assessment with one of our 'Well-As' and they will custom a program for you.

We use testing when required, to find out the underlying cause of your symptoms. Some of our diagnostic tests include: Comprehensive Health Checks, Food Sensitivity, health assessment-Live Blood, Chemical Sensitivity, Iridology, Digestive Stool Analysis, Real Age- BIA Test, DNA Profile, Bacterial Toxicity, Candida, & Celiac. Click here to find out more.

We also offer customised programs for you such as: 

Our Movement Studio overlooking Collins Street has Mat & Reformer Pilates, Yoga, and Relaxation Meditation classes. It is here we hold our popular ‘Practically Well Workshops’ which cover a wide range of health topics. Our workshops are interactive, practical and most of all fun! They are designed to provide you with tools that you can put into action right away. To stay up to date with our events and workshops, use the contact us page and we will add you to our family wellness update list.

Is it important for you to maintain your wellness? Check out our Health Assurance’ Wellness Memberships that combine your favourite services from our clinic or studio, saving you both time and money. 

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