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Allergy Treatments at Melbourne Natural Wellness 

Who Has Allergies?


Almost everyone knows someone who suffers from symptoms of allergy, including wheezing, runny nose, irritable bowel, migraine headaches, skin rashes, or a host of other common uncomfortable and often debilitating problems. Conservative estimates are that as many as 25% of the population have significant allergies to some types of food, chemicals, or inhalants. The true incidence of allergy and intolerance may be considerably higher when including the less dramatic symptoms of occasional anxiety, joint aches, generalized fatigue, and water retention as well. 




Using Food as Medicine at Melbourne Natural WellnessWhy Do We Have Food Sensitivities?

Most people assume that they were born with certain food sensitivities or allergies, but this is rarely the case. Food is not a cause of bloating or other digestive issues; it is rather a symptom that tells us something is not functioning optimally in the gut. Most food sensitivities actually result from poor gut health.

Food sensitivities can also arise from trauma or past emotional events in our life. If you are curious to find out the emotional cause related to your food sensitivity, Kinesiology can help. Click here to learn more about Kinesiology.



What Can I Do?

IIf you suspect you are reacting to the foods you are eating, we recommend booking in for an initial consult with the naturopath. From your consultation, the naturopath will be able to make a recommendation on whether or not the food sensitivity test would be suited for you. We have hundreds of diagnostic tests available for those who suspect allergies or have some of the symptoms we mentioned above. We want to ensure you are getting the right test done. In order to do this, we recommend a consultation with our Naturopath to discuss symptoms to be able to give you the right advice on which test is best for you and why.


We do not typically advise that you come in for the food sensitivity test without a consultation as another test or treatment may be better suited for your set of symptoms.



How does the Food Sensitivity Test Work? 

If the naturopath determines that the food sensitivity test would be beneficial to you, a simple finger prick blood test is conducted to identify elevated antibodies to food allergens and delayed food sensitivities (IgG). We use the ELISA method to test your blood against 96 foods to accurately identify any food sensitivities.

This test is done onsite at Melbourne Natural Wellness. We send your blood specimen to the laboratory and the results take 3-4 weeks to return.

Click here for the full list of foods tested against and a sample test.



What Does Treatment Look Like?


Having food sensitivities doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to eat the foods you are reacting to forever. Our naturopaths are equipped to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that will bring you back to your natural state of good health. Treatment may involve dietary changes and taking supplements and/or herbs. All we ask is that you are 100% committed to your wellness and we’ll help you get to where you want to be.  

To learn more our naturopathy consultations, click here.


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