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  1. Eat for good gut health. Given that approximately 70% of our immune cells are located in the gut, a healthy gut goes a long way towards a healthy immune system. Eat to support your gut by including plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables, healthy fats, lean protein and cultured foods. If you think your diet might need tweaking, get some qualified advice.

  2. Drink enough water and/or herbal tea throughout the day to keep your body properly hydrated. Two of your key immune defence systems (lymphatics and mucous membranes) rely on hydration to function effectively.

  3. Boost your antioxidant protection with green tea, brightly coloured fresh fruit, fresh herbs and garlic to protect your cells against damage from things like stress, pollution, poor diet and lack of sleep.
  4. Get your heart rate up through movement every day, to keep your lymphatic system flowing, stress levels down, and support sleep.

  5. De-stress daily, because stress dampens the immune system. You can meditate if that’s your thing, but some people find social activities, exercise and even a good old laugh is more their style.

  6. Sleep for a minimum of 7 hours per night. This is when the body regenerates and repairs, and when you short change yourself on sleep, you effectively start each day on the back foot – not fully recovered or repaired from the day before.

  7. Limit alcohol to 1-2 standard serves per night maximum, with two consecutive alcohol free nights per week. Heavy alcohol intake can dampen immune function for a full 24 hours.

  8. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, to avoid passing viruses and bacteria from hand to mouth.

  9. Make sure your vitamin D and iron levels are good. These two immune-supportive nutrients are low in so many people, and yet they can usually be very easily fixed.

  10. Be prepared! Speak to your naturopath about an emergency action plan nip those winter ills in the bud, before they become fully fledged illnesses that leave you feeling sub-par for weeks.

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How to Make and Stick to Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! New Year is a time of rebirth and growing, of starting anew. It also comes with its own share of trials and things to dread. Setting up goals for the coming 12 months helps to focus the mind positively and promote wellbeing. Read More

Jodie Coall

Why Massages are Great for Your Health

Is there anything more relaxing than the feeling of a deep-tissue massage? Sure, there’s a little momentary discomfort when the kneading starts, but 30 seconds in you’re going to be collapsed in a pile of jelly and good feelings and be glowing for the next week. Honestly, we could probably end the article there. But we won’t, because you should know about the positive health benefits of massages that aren’t immediately obvious. Read More

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7 Simple Secrets to Tying up the Loose Ends for the Year


1. Ask yourself, what does eating / drinking this give me?

Food as medicine food as fuel. What are we feeding our body and mind? Let’s take a Christmas food say pudding or sweets as an example. What do I love about eating this food? Reminds me of good times, it’s delicious, it gives me satisfaction, happiness, naughtiness etc I write 10 benefits of this. Then I write 10 non benefits. I feel guilty, I feel sick, I feel embarrassed to be eating it, it is loads of calories, and onwards. You will find that they weigh each other out so it all comes back to balance. I then think – what else gives me the same benefits? What else could I do instead of this addiction to foods that damage me? Playing hide and seek- that gives me naughtiness, satisfaction, happiness. Get what I mean?

The trick is not to deny myself indulgence as long as I am counter balancing it with exercise. So, I choose one small dessert. Yes one! If it’s a chocolate rum ball, I eat one and only one. If its pudding with custard and cream, which I love… I have a TINY piece and a tiny custard and cream -not a bowl –full. Which leads me to my second secret….

2. Size Matters!

Plate size that is. Entrée plates and small bowls are best. When you eat, fill the plate up with salad and veggies first so there is less room for meats, rice’s, pastas, potatoes etc. Eat mainly raw. Raw food takes longer to eat and you have to chew a lot more. It also fills you up too. Think of what you can eat raw, veggies, salads, a little fruit. Fermented foods are great. Think Sauerkraut, Kefir, Kombucha.

Eat from glass not plastic, select food with care. Avoid processed foods where possible and think – does this have the highest nutrition I can get? Organic, happy animals and plants, pesticide free.

Take responsibility for your food choices, habits, be aware and make the best choice for you. Listen to your body. Why are you hungry? Are you bored or do you feel hunger in your mouth, you hunger for the taste of something? Eat slowly and enjoy every bite/sip

3. Secret Sugars


Be careful of juices! If you are juicing for one of your meals- make it a good one. I like spinach, celery, tomato, carrot, and beetroot- especially if I am feeling a little seedy from the day before. Sometimes a little basil. A sweet juice I like is spinach, lemon, ginger, pineapple or apple. A great berry one is mixed berries, coconut water, cucumber, mint if desired, filtered water of course J I like to put filtered water in all my juices to ensure I don’t overload the fruit. I also add my powdered supplements to these as well as long as the flavours are similar – I’m a busy lady I need to make best use of my time

Trick is: Keep it simple! They taste great frozen as ice cubes for hot weather or icy poles too. You can use organic teas to make iced teas too. If you are drinking alcohol enjoy it – have good quality wine or spirits be careful with the mixers –indulge not over indulge 

4. Move it or lose it

Sadly in todays knowledgeable society, only 18% of adults meet the daily requirements of physical activity. As stated by the World Health Organisation, lack of physical activity is responsible for approximately 2 million deaths annually and according to the World heart federation; inactivity is equally as bad for you as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

It is evident that exercise is essential. Not only because it helps you prevent or control a whole range of health concerns, but also because it helps manage stress levels. This is because it stimulates the release of a chemical known as endorphin, the body’s natural “feel good hormone” which reduces stress levels and lowers the risk of depression. Interestingly, a recent German study revealed that in the treatment of mild to moderate depression, 30 minutes of exercise a day can be more effective than anti-depressant drugs. Plus, just because it’s December and it happens to be the end of the year, Christmas time, New Year’s etc doesn’t mean you give up. Just think December to January is the same as May to June or August to September. Take some time to relax and reflect of course but keep moving!


Are you getting these benefits of exercise?

  • Healthier and stronger bones, improved stamina combined with high levels of muscle strength and flexibility.
  • Improved circulation and increased release of adrenaline to boost your energy and help you get more out of every day
  • Increased metabolism allowing you burn fat throughout the day, long after you’ve stopped exercising
  • Improved insulin resistance which lowers your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease
  • You feel a sense of pride, achievement and it also means you enjoy that sweet or savoury treat without guilt so you REALLY enjoy it. It’s about balance. I love finding new ways to move while on holiday.

So, what do I do when I’m on holiday? 

  • I take a skipping rope. It reminds me of being a kid! I enjoy taking 100 skips without stopping and if I stop I start again. It gets the heart rate up and doesn’t take much space or time. Each day, increase increments and do 100 more if you can. Create a challenge and a reward for doing it. For example, allow yourself to buy that new gadget as a reward for achieving your goal.
  • Another idea is to create a challenge with a friend to see who can last longest. Remember the jump rope for heart competitions at school? They were so much fun
  • I take my very small therabands with me so I can do resistance and Pilates while away. You can find these at MNW if you would like a pair they are only $15
  • Run and walk or ride– explore somewhere new and get exercise at the same time.
  • I take my yoga mat. I feel I have brought it all this way, I may as well use it. You can stretch, do yoga, ab and leg work, meditate, relax, do Pilates, you name it and if you have no idea what you are doing get on your phone and YouTube some videos. All of these are very low cost if not free!
  • Kick a ball around or play backyard cricket. What did you love doing as a kid? Do that!
  • Take up a new activity this holiday, like dancing or martial arts or something else that requires movement. Get out of your comfort zone! Remember, fear is simply thinking that we will have a future loss without a gain. There is always a gain in trying something new – meeting new friends, picking up a new skill or simply exercising!

Although it’s easy to overlook your health in the midst of the festive season, and it may seem tempting at times, but don’t skip exercise, taking your supplements or recommendations from your practitioners and finally, eat right. Inactivity will not only lower your metabolism & make it even easier to put on weight, it may also lead to muscle stiffness and pain. Not only that, why go 10 steps backwards after your year of hard work? Look back with pride and a sense of achievement and knowing you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year without regrets.

Make sure you have fun and reward yourself on reaching your goals!

5. Reflect and Set!

This is my favourite secret!

What do I do each December and in fact every 90 days? Read my mission statement and adjust it according to my growth. In fact, I review and edit my mission statement weekly!

Don’t have a mission statement? I can help you with that J We are all here for a reason, a purpose. If you don’t know what that is or have never sat down and figured that out and written what you value and your goals, I’m developed a simple and fun process to help you do this in with the MMMM Program.


Clients also love our ‘MMMM’ Program I designed this based on what clients were coming In to see us for and what I do at the beginning of each year. The program has four main components:


Get physically and mentally fit at our studio, participating in our top-of-the-line Pilates, yoga and meditation classes.


Our team of experts are pro’s at designing easy to follow eating plans are that healthy and most importantly realistic and designed specifically to your needs.


Mindful or mind-full? A 1:1 session with your wellness coach to find out what your sabotages are and how turn them into strengths. And, we set your 2016 goals together too!


Find out what your purpose is. What you really value and your mission in life. During this session you get insight into areas of your dimensions of wellness you want to focus on and receive practical tools to use straight away to be the best version of yourself.

In these sessions we also do a reflection exercise. We look at the past year and think of all the things you have done well and achieved.


Personally, when I do this, I think of all the things I could have done better and write them all down. I take a look at my mission statement and goals I set the year before and at each 90 day interval I write down what I achieved, what is still relevant and what’s not relevant anymore. I look at what I could have done to achieve the goal I didn’t achieve and why I didn’t achieve it. Is it still a goal or does it need to be abandoned?

I think how far I have come this year and be grateful for all of it. As the downs, or negatives, are really the places where you learn the most and they are there to drive you forward. You can’t have a down without an up, so I know when I hit that wall, get really uncomfortable, I am about to achieve something amazing!

I categorise things into three areas.




(This includes emails!)

I also think about…. is what I am doing, thinking, feeling, getting me closer to my goals? Is this the highest priority and part of my values or is it low priority bullshit? This is my favourite area to help people with. I live to help people find their purpose, their mission, set their goals and achieve them. This is what I am here for.

My mission is simple:

‘To be the inspiration for you to be the inspiration for yourself. My goal is to help you reach yours.

6. Rest well!

The value of quality sleep is often underestimated. It is important to remember that poor sleep will not only negatively impact your activities of daily living but also your overall health and wellbeing. It is not an additional or optional component of life, it’s a vital biological function designed to maintain physical and emotional wellness.


How do I sleep?

My rules are:

  1. I take a bath before bed or get a relaxing massage, even if it’s massaging my own feet or temples.
  2. I do a few little stretches before bed.
  3. Use an aromatherapy pillow spray – I love this. It has a faint smell and relaxes me.
  4. Meditation J
  5. Massage treatments or Cranio-sacral therapy, a gentle hands-on form of treatment helps me sleep easier too.
  6. I take a supplement called Neurocalm or Calm X 60 minutes before bed so my nervous system relaxes and enables me to drift off and stay asleep.
  7. I sleep in a dark room and use an eye pillow if it’s not dark …and I mean REALLY dark.
  8. No music, no noise except the sound of my breathing.
  9. I use ear plugs if noisy.
  10. I make sure no gadgets in the room are charging and don’t have a TV in my bedroom.
  11. I turn everything off à phone, computer or any other electronics at least 30-60 minutes before bed and read instead.
  12. No mirrors in the room where I am sleeping, if so, covered up

7. Make your appointments – use your private health insurance before it runs out 31st December

I know time gets away from me if I am not organised. If I don’t take the time to make space for my wellness routine, chaos occurs and before I know it I am back at work, feeling stressed and disappointed for not accomplishing my wellness goals over the holidays. To make sure this doesn’t happen, I book in to see my practitioners and instructors before I go on holidays and book in for the week I am back. I don’t want to undo all the good work I have done already and have to work harder to get back on track! Be cautious of timing getting away from you – we’ve all been there. Have you ever said, when I have a new partner, I’ll…. When I’m less busy at work I’ll… when I have time I’ll… I’m too busy to think about that now… I’m going to do it when….

Next thing you know, its mid-year and you don’t have anything done. What do you want to look back on in June next year and say you accomplished?

Personally, I want to look back in December next year and think wow, I was really organised. My goals for 2016 have been achieved and I am ready to plan the year ahead again.

Remember, you don’t get time back,

Are you open to making this year your best yet?


Jodie Coall | Personal & Corporate Wellness Coach

Business Coach

Melbourne Natural Wellness

Level 4, 178 Collins St Melbourne VIC 3000

Jodie Coall

3 biggest blunders we make that keep us stressed out, panicking about the end of the year and worried we won’t get everything done in time!

Finish the year with a boom not a bust!

#3 No structure

There are limited days in the year left and some of us are still working away. Are we going to get everything done? Maybe, maybe not. Here’s the thing. Without structuring your time and having a good plan, people run around like headless chooks and end up doing so many things at once, they don’t know where they are at and although everything gets started nothing gets completed.


Take 5 minutes to make a list then AAA  Action – Assign –Abandon

This trick can be used for work and home – things on your to do list. Action items are those that are life giving. If items on your list are not life giving – don’t give them life. These are also items that must be done without exception. They are usually also ones that if you do them some if not all other items on your list may become irrelevant or easier!

If they must be done, block out the time they need to have dedicated on them and also assign it, do you need to recruit anyone to assist in getting this done? Who do you need to become to get these things done? Is there a way, if you are doing this on your own, that you can time protect as well? Cross out your calendar mark as Do Not Disturb. Turn your email and mobile off and get to work on them one at a time. Have someone time protect for you if possible. 

Can you abandon any items that have been on your list for months and really don’t matter anymore?  Or the ones that are not in line with your top values and goals?



Wait till next year. Now for some things this may be a good idea. The things on the list of yours you wrote as above, the assign or abandon ones. These ones can wait till next year if they are still relevant and part of your goals or part of your values. Imagine starting the New Year with fresh ideas and projects to work on, not left over’s from last year!

For other things like health, fitness, wellness. December is just like any other month. Yes it happens to be the end of the year and the following month January happens to be a brand new year but it’s the same as say March to April or June to July. Just one month following on from another month. Waiting ‘till the new year to see your Massage Therapist, Naturopath, Yoga Instructor, take your class at the gym, even go to the gym means you may be going backwards and we all know how hard it is once you stop to get back into it. Continuing to look after yourself is probably even more important through Dec and Jan is easy to give up, stop and relax. But, as there are more temptations, places may close, your routine may be disrupted but try as best you can to continue to look after yourself so when tomorrow comes, you will thank yourself for the choices you made today.

This time of year is full off craziness, joy, sadness, festivities, food, you name it. It’s the best and the worst time of year. December is a month to wind down and relax and enjoy of course but this should be the same as any other month. It is time to reflect on the year. Write all the good things you have achieved and all the lessons you have learnt. Tidy up loose ends and set your goals for 2016, ready to start afresh in January. 

#1 Failure To Plan

Is planning to fail.

Goals, plans, ideas. Things you want to do in 2016. To do list, bucket list, whatever you want to call it, they are all the same – just different ways of describing what you want to get out of 2016. To know what you want next year to look like reflect on 2015. Ask yourself, how was your 2015? Was it everything you wanted it to be? Still have goals on your list that you didn’t complete and they are recycling each year? Maybe it’s time to abandon them.

When I coach my clients these are some of the very same questions I ask. I help people get clarity, get focused and get in massive action as being in motion creates momentum. And momentum is what we need to reach our goals and set ourselves up for a fantastic year. You won’t get 2016 back by the way so live it as your best year yet!

Many people don’t write lists, set plans, set goals and some have no idea what they want to do this year let alone with their lives. Start with reflection on 2015, then look at your values. Do you know what your values are? This is another fantastic part of coaching with my clients.  We find out all the things they value and get a top 10, 5 and 3. This is where it gets really interesting to look into their lives and see where they are living their lives to their top values and where they are not. Digging deep into learning about themselves and getting very clear and focused on what they want from their lives and how they want to live.

Then we simply create a plan to achieve it! We actually set out the whole year in advance with the big rocks first, the little rocks, pebbles and finally the sand based on your values. Each month is laid out  and planned with what’s important to you in order of importance. Imagine having a 12 month calendar already laid out before you start the New Year!  

I get it. This time of year there are a lot of pressures. Believe me I know. Many of my team members are already on a break and we have limited resources. It just makes me personally more resourceful and resilient. And having an injury on my dominant hand isn’t helping but it is making me think outside the box and getting creative with what I can do! It can be pretty stressful this time of year -let’s face it. But, this is NOT the time to let everything go! Believe me I have done it before and when I looked back I regretted the choices I made and was more stressed out starting a new year that I should have been.


Will you finish the year with a bust or a boom?
To find out, I have a recording of my latest webinar for you:

 7 Simple secrets to tying up the loose ends for the year and prevent yourself being ‘tied’ up over the ‘Silly Season’ Finish your year with a boom not a bust!

 How to avoid the 3 biggest blunders office workers make that keep them stressed out, panicking about the end of the year and worried they won’t get everything done in time!

Click here to listen to the webinar

see attached ebook and webinar recording

Webinar   Click here to ebook

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#2 of the 3 massive mistakes even smart females make that cause them to...

By now you will have read #3: Feeling surpassed by others and over looked- and the story of the little green bloomers.

Now, here's #2.

Uncertainty, self-doubt and confusion!

"I can't, party of one"....

Sometimes this one is a catch 22. If we think or say to ourselves, "I can't do that!" More often than not, you have the full support of the people most important to you, and likely, the ones you trust who encourage you to go for it. On the other hand, sometimes we say, "I can do that!" But before you know it, there are swarms of people around you trying to convince you that you can't. That no, you aren't good enough, why would you want to do that for? Have you really thought this through? This sometimes makes us second guess ourselves and doubt starts to creep in. We wonder if it's really possible to achieve everything you want in life. Often times, this is worse than not believing yourself in the first place!

Either way guess where you end up? Exactly the same place... At your table "I can't, party of one". Confused? You bet!

So, what's this really all about?

Whatever you want in life- you can have. Let me say that again. Whatever you want in life, you can have. The ones who seem to ‘have it all’ are no different than anyone else. Actually there is one small difference that can be one huge difference to wishing vs. actually achieving what you want. So, let’s focus on this for a minute. Ever wondered why you do things and in fact, why you don’t do things? What patterns you have, behaviours, beliefs? What drives you forward and what holds you back? It’s actually the same thing. Ready? Mindset. And that is the only difference between the ones who have it and the ones who want to have it.


Now, mindset isn’t just saying I’m going to do x.y.z and away you go. Nor is it saying I want x.y.z and magically it appears. If there is doubt in your mind about whether you can achieve it and a step further and saying even if I could achieve it, I don’t know how!


I felt like this for a long time. Going back and forth from wanting what everyone else had and finding out what I wanted and why to then doubt myself as to whether I could actually achieve it and it was all just too hard. It was also all in my mind. My mind was ‘set’ for failure not success.

I worked hospitality, retail, events; I even sold haircuts on the streets of London to passers-by. I was so scared to do this. I didn’t want to ‘annoy’ random strangers and ask them about their hair! Needless to say I was not good at this job. BUT, one of my colleagues Andrew was amazing at this. What was the difference? We had the same training. It was self-belief. His mind was ‘set’ for success. He had a belief in himself and the products and I had a belief in the product but not in myself.

Andrew had confidence in himself and he backed himself. He didn’t care what others thought of him. It was none of his business what other people thought anyway. I on the other hand cared what people thought and tried to predict what they wold think and feel. How exhausting! Trying to mind read each person I came across. At the end of the day, people will say and think and feel and do whatever they want regardless of what you have said or felt, or done. We can’t hold ourselves back because we think we know how they will react and what people will think of us. Wasting time trying to be a mind reader, you may as well do it and find out.


Giving up because giving up is more comfortable and easier and no one gets hurt….Ah, but what about you? YOU get hurt. Let me tell you one of my favourite quotes:

The people who matter don’t mind and the people who mind don’t matter.

If I listed and accepted what my ex-husband said to me about my dream of running Melbourne Natural Wellness, I would have walked away. Closed it down and walked away. I still remember the words he said to me. “Who do you think you are? You can’t run a business you don’t have any qualifications. It’s going to fail.” Do you know something? These are the best words I have ever heard. Why? Because that was the moment I had a choice. Agree he was right or agree with myself and my reason why I wanted to run MNW. I knew I could help people. I knew I loved connecting with people and seeing changes in them. To be there for them when they needed someone to listen without judgement. And that was so much stronger than someone I loved and trusted saying I couldn’t do it. I am grateful he said that because it enabled me to re look at the types of people I was surrounding myself with. That and my stubborn and determined streak were in full swing!

Imagine what would have happened if I agreed with him. I knew from doing a lot of self-work on my mindset, beliefs, sub personalities and the like and knew that these were his fears being projected onto me not actually mine.


So, uncertainty, self-doubt and confusion can rule your life or you can rule it. What have you got to lose? Embarrassment? Fear? A wise man once said to me you know what fear is Jodes?

Fear is a future perception of having a loss without a gain. You can’t have a loss without a gain.

I struggle with self-doubt. I have a huge people pleaser sub personality which often times blindsides me from what I am trying to achieve. Fear creeps in, self-doubt too. Can I really do this? What if it doesn’t work? What will people think? What if it doesn’t work? Luckily over the years I have been fascinated with myself. I have done many many courses, readings, workshops; you name it -in discovering me. My mindset. I also know that my strong people pleaser sub personality enables me to do what I love. Connecting with people and helping them becomes the person they want to be - the best version of themselves.

One of the tools I use and would love to share with you is called Mind Process Self Esteem by my Mentor and Coach Perry Mardon. To grab a free copy simple email me

Perry also has an event coming up in Melbourne called Mind Sparks. Take a look and see if it’s for you. Click here

Jodie Coall

3 Massive Mistakes even Smart Females Make that cause them to

Panic about the future!

#3. Feeling surpassed by others and over looked.

Ah the old Meg Ryan moment... 'I want what she's having!' We don't want to admit this, but we are hard wired to look at a stunningly beautiful, genetically blessed couple who clearly have it all. Adoration, money, success, career they are inspired about, living their dreams...I could go on here but I think you get the picture. And we are supposed to think.... WOW! Aren't they amazing, good on them. They have found their purpose in life. They are admired and prasied but secretly many people are thinking; Bastards! I wish I had their life, their genes, their perfect partner, their success, their money, their career, their confidence! And then what they do is beat themselves up for feeling inadequate and for feeling this way about them too.

I mean, we are all humans! But why do some people look at others to decide what they need and want for themselves? Why are they constantly comparing to others in this way? Maybe it's because the majority of people in the world stop dreaming as they did when they were a kid. The old 'what do you want to be when you grow up' is not being asked anymore and worse still, it's not being thought about- let alone answered. Many people go to their death bed with a pocket full of regrets. They didn't ever find out what they really wanted or why they wanted it. They've never sat down and really studied themselves. They've never had a really good look inside. The only thing they have done is diagnosed themselves with 'teeny tiny fish - masively huge pond' sydrome. 

Imagine what it's like for them for a moment.....'Do I look good in this? Am I too fat, too thin? Do I have the skills to go for that promotion, to win that account? Will he like me? Am I attractive? Do  I offer the world something amazing? Who am I to think I can do that?  - Constant comparison and worry. How frustrating and how exhausting!

I'd love to share a story with you of the little green bloomers.

There was a little girl in Kindergarten in her little green bloomers and her matching t-shirt standing on the track, waiting for the marshal to fire the starting gun. Excitement within and encouragement from the crowd. All went quiet. The gun went off. She sprinted down the track towards the 100m finishing line and it felt amazing! She was going so fast, she couldn't even feel her legs! Suddenly, something was wrong. She felt fear, she felt alone. She thought she had false started as she noticed no-one else around her. She stopped and looked at the crowd who were shouting at her but she couldn't hear what they were saying. She turned to look around at her competitors who were running up behind her. She waived and shouted 'come on guys!' and waited till they caught up with her. They ran past her to the finish line. 

She came third.

If this becomes a pattern of behaviour in someones, life as it did in mine, you will always be waiting, always be surpassed by others. You don't have to win at all costs, nor win all the time but learning about yourself and knowing your beliefs, behaviours, personality and patterns is winning! What's the start of the solution then? Well, a little bit of  'Take Off (the little green bloomers) Training' download your free getting to know yourself guide here

If you don't want to be the girl in the green bloomers or the teeny tiny fish in the massively huge pond, I would also like to invite you to a fantastic event called Mindsparks: Ignite your true purpose and discover the secrets to winning your own race.

Click here to discover what's in it for you. 



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You are about to learn the 3 simple secrets successful office workers know that help them avoid stress and anxiety.

#3. Vital for survival

#2. Keeping your cool

#1. Have we got it all wrong?

We don't pay any attention to it, yet it's #3 vital for our survival. Breathing is automatic but if we are conscious and aware of how we are breathing and learn to breathe correctly, it could mean less anxiety, depression and stress!

Have you ever felt yourself breathing rapidly, shallow, caught yourself sighing a lot, puffed or out of breath? These are some of the  ways we describe the breathing of many people. But what about breathing easily, breathing deeply, calmly and quietly. This is the correct way to breathe.


The ANS.
#2 Keeping your cool. The ANS is the autonomic nervous system and is responsible for controlling bodily functions such as the heart, the digestive system and the good old lungs. It also controls the fight or flight response & freeze and dissociate response.

Relatively recently, a third sub system of neurons has been named: Non-adrenegic and non-chollinergic neurons (because they use Nitric Oxide as a transmitter) they have been found to be integral to the function of the lungs and a protector of the liver. Nitric oxide is no laughing matter! -Unlike it's laughing gas friend Nitrous Oxide.

So, can we change our breathing to balance our ANS and help protect our organs? And, if we can, how does it help our anxiety and stress levels. Ask anyone suffering from anxiety and they will tell you; it's hard to breathe, it feels like something heavy sitting on your chest. You get dizzy and can't focus.

It can be distressing for anyone who has felt like this. Controlled breathing can promote relaxation and reduce the effects of anxiety and stress. Controlled breathing encourages the body and mind to relax instantly. Some benefits of learning controlled breathing such as the Breathe Well training by Christine Heart Savage include:

  1. Decreased blood pressure
  2. Decreased levels of stress hormones in the blood
  3. Decreased lactic acid build up in the muscle tissue
  4. Increased immune function
  5. Increased physical energy
  6. Increased feelings of calm and well being.

#1 Have we got it all wrong?

I have never really thought about breathing this much. But from researching and interviewing Christine Heart Savage, aka the Breathing Lady, I found the secrets to breathing well to keep a handle on anxiety and stress myself. 

Christine has walked the rugged road of anxiety, stress and even breakdown. Since her recovery, she has helped train thousands of others all around Australia and is a preferred trainer for Bupa Wellness and delivers trainings to universities on correct breathing, stress management and mind wellness. 

She is a published author, trainer, speaker and radio presenter. She has been interviewed by Australian Natural Health and Good Health magazines and I would love to introduce her to you.

The Breathing Lady and I invite you to The Breathe Well introductory workshop Thurs 5th Nov 12-12.30 at Melbourne Natural Wellness Studio Level 4 178 Collins St. Melbourne. Click here to find out more.

Just breathe,

Jodie Coall

Keeping your cool in the corporate world

Early starts, late finishes, suits, ties, heals, short lunches, long meetings. Sit in a chair, at a desk, in your office (if you’re lucky enough to have an office). Air conditioning, fluorescent lighting, instant coffee, vending machines. Soar shoulders, bad backs, clenched jaws, no sleep, over worked, under paid, stress and anxiety. Most corporate settings breed discomfort.

In five years, most Baby Boomers will have retired and Gen Y (those born in 1980s to early 2000s) will dominate 42% of the workplace, according to McCrindle research. This means that people aged 20 – 40 will be making up large parts of the corporate sector. Young individuals will be at the mercy of their corporate careers, becoming older and more decrepit by the minute because they don’t understand the importance of wellness at work.

Just because you are a ‘Nine to Fiver’ and sit at a computer all day does not mean you should be exhausted, overweight, unhappy or unhealthy.

I’ve never worked in the corporate world. I had a couple of jobs after University where I sat at a desk from 9am-5pm, but it wasn’t for me. I allowed myself nine months as a ‘Nine to Fiver’ and I never went back again.

But the corporate world must go on, and those working in it need to know that they have the right to a better quality of work-life.

How can you improve your corporate lifestyle? For starters, you need to want to make a change. There are small steps you can take to enhance your mental and physical well-being, so you can make your day at the office a little brighter.

1. Get up from your computer every 20 minutes and stretch. Touch your toes, reach your hands behind your back, whatever it takes. Just make sure you get a bit of movement happening. Being sedentary for hours on end is REALLY unhealthy.

2. Bring healthy snacks to work that keep you going. A handful of almonds, hummus with celery and carrots or a banana are great ways to keep your energy levels up.

3. Make sure your computer is at eye level to avoid hunching forward in your chair. Ergonomics is cool!

4. Bring a water bottle to work and drink all day long. We can often forget how dehydrated we get when we’re sitting in artificial air-conditioning for hours.

5. Step outside for fresh air every now and again to keep you connected to the outside world.

6. Don’t take things personally. If your coworker is having a bad day, that’s their problem, not yours. Feel sympathetic that something must be going on with them. Why not ask, ‘Are you ok?’

7. Find a work buddy or have people who support you at work. We’re social creatures and often feel a whole lot better when we’re able to get things off of our chest. But check out number 8 to understand what kind of chatting you want to be doing to ease the tough times.

8. Don’t gossip at the water cooler. Speaking ill of other people only adds negativity to your life, not theirs. Nobody likes a gossip anyway.

9. Embrace failure as feedback. This comes up a lot, but I can’t stress how important it is to be okay with failure. Without it, we’ll never learn. You can also use number six to get you though failing at work, just don’t take it personally and use the feedback you get to do better next time. If you don’t get good feedback, as for it, nicely.

10. Meditate. It’s no longer just for hippies. There is hard scientific evidence that proves the incredible effects that meditation has on the brain. You can meditate at your desk. Start with a minute if it’s completely foreign to you. All you need to do is sit with yourself. It’s not about having no thought, it’s just about allowing yourself to connect with the present moment and by doing that all you have to do is breathe. Yes breathe! How simple is that? In through your nose and out through your nose allows you to tap in to what yogis have been doing for thousands of years. The more you sit and the more you breathe, the better you’ll get at it. Just remember that your thoughts are like clouds, allow them to roll in and fade away, don’t feed in to them and create a storm of thoughts. Just watch them fly by. Check this article out about Corporate Mindfulness and be sure to download the app Buddhify on your phone if you need a bit of extra help getting your chill on.

11. And last but not least, COFFEE. Stay away from too many cups at the wrong times! The best time to drink it is between 9:30am and 11:30am or 1:30pm and 5pm when your cortisol levels are lowest. When you drink it too early you crash and burn by the afternoon, and no body enjoys that. Read more at

Put a smile our your dial the next time you head to the office by implementing these 11 easy tasks.

Dara Simkin

Jodie Coall

Levelling up

Many of my students ask me about life as they work through the Kinesiology course. What happens is this:

During the course, they work on all their old “stuff” and working on all the old “stuff” helps us release the heaviness from ourselves, and as we release that, we raise ourselves up. We raise our vibration (power up) which means that we level up or upgrade our life. Think of it like Super Mario when he gets one of those mushrooms that makes him invincible.

Raising our vibration or levelling up, makes us a little invincible to certain people and situations. Suddenly, it’s like the universe sees that you’re not a vibrational match to those circumstances anymore so you become more aligned with something better. When we don’t actively seek the new, powered up level, that we have kind of known all along or had been considering then the universe conspires to level us up on our behalf.

When this happens, it often feels like things have been stirred up because we haven’t deliberately (consciously) chosen the shift. We go through restructures at work, our family life feels a little off, our friends suddenly feel like they don’t fit in our world anymore. Life feels like it’s happening to us.

I’ve seen students intentionally upgrade. They’ve chosen a new career path while they’re studying, they’ve met the love of their life, they’ve been given great opportunities that they otherwise would not have had. I’ve also seen some split from long-term relationships, be made redundant from work, have friendships naturally dissipate. It’s all part of the upgrade process. If the people around us are working on levelling up too, then the shifts are less pronounced. They feel like little hiccups, not mountains to overcome. And eventually you find that you’ve grown together, not apart. This goes for work, family and social lives.

Next time you’re feeling like your world is being turned upside down, consider this: Are you levelling up?

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