How is MNWC's food a holic going with her detox?

Hi all Well... Day one of my 6 week challenge was not as bad as I thought. It must have been all the Easter Eggs still digesting that kept me feeling full :) Seriously though, I had a berry smoothie for breakfast, a few rice crackers for snack, salmon salad with tofu and lots of goodies for lunch, three pieces of low GI fruit, broccoli soup with two larger rice crackers and lots of filtered water. This may not sound like a lot but I actually felt pretty good! ( there are a few supplements I take to help get things moving and shaking too ) I did my usual yoga class, I was a little more tired by 8.15 pm finishing time  - glad I didnt snore through the relaxation part!I slept really well though. AND I was up early, which is unheard of for a sleep addict like me ;) So today, day two (Wed) I had my appointment with Angela the naturopath and did my tests. More on these later... But all in all going well. Eggs for breakfast, fruit and nuts for snack, moroccan chicken & veg soup for lunch, cycle class felt great and had loads of energy and dinner tonight planned for a chook stir fry with brown rice - YUM! Ill be in touch again soon, by for now, Jodes 'Detox champ' P.S Here is a new video from my trusted guide on my 'Detoxing' Adventure.  In this video Angela exposes some detoxing myths, details some of the  health risks in NOT detoxing and shares some of the immeditate health benefits that her clients experience when detoxing. [youtube=]