Week 3 and still alive :)

Week 3! I have survived stage 1 the remove stage, where we remove the bad bacteria out of my system. I have been eating well :)

Food: A favourite in the detox recipe booklet is the garlic soy chicken drumsticks and zucchini fritters I mix them with some mushrooms and salmon to make them into fish cakes - yum!I also love the mixed berry smoothie for breakfast, filling yet light. I made the best fish curry the other night too. Skin: Dry body brushing feels lovely. Before the shower or bath, use the body brush on dry skin with upward strokes towards the heart to stimualte the elimination of toxins and help skin look and feel fantastic. I am also using organic shampoo and body products and staying away from excess chemicals including plastics. Body: I have been doing 2-3 cycle classes a week as well as one cardio and weights session and 2-3 yoga classes a week. I feel more energised, motivated, challenged and proud of myself for sticking to it! Next: You will see my next video update soon. I am now in week 3 day 16 and in the Renew stage 2 which means I am well on my way to repair and renew my digestive system and increasing the good bacteria to make sure I am functioning at my best and improving my immune system as I can not afford to be sick-can you?? Click here to get started on the journey to feel fantastic! until next time, Jodes


Healthy Diet Lets Woman Lose Thirty Pounds in Thirty Days
Healthy Diet Lets Woman Lose Thirty Pounds in Thirty Days
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