Shakin’ That Ass Shakin’ That Ass…

As long as I keep up the healthy eating plan, which I am so far (2 weeks in) and get moovin' get into my exercise to make sure I am feeling fit and toned I'll reach that goal

( I do have hockey winter season coming up and I don't want to make a fool of myself by being un fit -that's good motivation right there)


Exercise for this week included:

Monday – Friday cycling to and from work 30 mins a day

Monday: 45 min reformer pilates session, see us in action below. What a great class! Toned, Flexible, Stretched and Strong not to mention LEAN! I love reformer J

Tuesday: Stepper 30 mins level 14 random hill + rowing 500m sprints x 4 with 20 sec rest and 10 minutes of weights. Abs on the fit ball, pushups on fitball, glute machine, leg machine and to finish a few cool down laps of the pool

Wednesday: Spin class 45 min

Thursday: 60 min bike ride, touch rugby game, power yoga 45 min

Friday: Reformer Pilates and Mat Pilates 90 min plus shovelling 1 tonne of stones into my backyard and garden – hey every little bit counts. Don't underestimate the power of a shovel – incidental exercise counts a lot. Like take the stairs instead of the lift. Besides, lifting moving and shovelling is great for the arms, abs and legs and it certainly got my heart rate up too!

Started back at hockey training and personal training session x1 a week as well – I'll keep you posted on how I go J


PS.. I 've been saving a little each pay day to put aside for a new outfit for my birthday – IF I feel proud of my efforts and results – I shall reward them with a great day out of shopping & pampering to assist my quest to feel beautiful & look beautiful too!