Is Wellness Important To You? 7 Steps On Your Road To Ultimate Wellness.

I got a call from a client who was booked in to see us who said, "I am not well- I need to cancel my appointment". After my initial sympathies- as no one likes to be unwell, I said, "This is the perfect time for you to come in and see us. We treat symptoms too and we can help you feel better sooner".

That got me to thinking, what is it that you, my clients, think wellness is? And what makes you come to MNW or not?

              I thought a Wellness Open Day would be a great start to help you find out what Wellness really is! To learn and experience all the services we have to offer you at any stage of your journey to Ultimate Wellness. That way, when something happens, you know which one you need. I wanted to take away some of the confusion around what foods, supplements & lifestyle choices really are the best and how to choose between all the options out there and sample some of them of course J Also to sample all the products I use as well. A fun 2 days of sampling, asking questions, learning more about how you can maintain Ultimate Wellness, attend workshops and throw in some amazing prizes -dinner at Grand Hyatt, Hampers by Honeybee and Blossom, Mouldable Aromatherapy, Grow your own Mushroom kits, Organic Fruit and Veg Hampers by Box my Bunch, and loads more as well as a take home Wellness Survival Kit! (Click here for more details) I don't know what each of you think Ultimate Wellness is- as it may differ for each of you but I can tell you what I think it is and why I live the life I live and you may get a shock- so be careful when you read on…. For me, I was always reasonably healthy and fit growing up -but a bit overweight, whole family was. I joined my first gym when I was 19 as my boyfriend at the time had wandering eyes and I knew in my young mind I had to be a better competitor! That, and the fact that I knew I was eating my way to obesity! So, a vision was born out of frustration. WELLNESS! Not just mine but for others as well. Creating MNW meant that you could go to one place to get everything! A one stop shop. I had a lazy streak so I had to make sure this was easy for me as it was for others. A place where we were not only treating symptoms- in a natural way, as you would for example, go to the Dr and get a prescription and go on your way. But get to the bottom of your overall wellness questions and concerns. Finding the causes helps us to help you correct these concerns, where possible of course, and not only help you achieve wellness but maintain it for life. I will repeat that bit, MAINTAINING WELLNESS FOR LIFE. This, in turn, is also preventative care. So you don't get to that stage of feeling unwell if we can help it!           Needless to say the client came in and did in fact feel better sooner. She said," Oh, I forgot that it's just like going to a Doctor when you are sick. She had it half right. She comes in to maintain her wellness so she continues to feel good. Most people have the mindset that is the other way around. When they are feeling ill and have had enough; they come to see us for help to get themselves back on track, but they often forget it's about maintaining that state of Wellness. So, what exactly is WELLNESS? The dictionary defines wellness as "the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort". I am highlighting "deliberate effort". Effort? Sounds difficult to me… But it's not. It takes the same amount of effort to make healthy choices as it does to make unhealthy ones. But the main difference is you won't feel like crap after making a healthy choice. It's about choices. Yep, you get to choose them! On the one hand you can choose to feel tired, stressed, burnt-out, in pain, unfit, not sleeping well, grumpy, irritable, down, lethargic…I could go on but you get the message. OR: Simply ask yourself how do you want to look and feel not just now but forever? I bet it's pretty much the opposite of the above -as it is for me.

The irony…

At a time when we want to be healthier, thinner, faster, ageing well and less stressed, we are becoming less healthy, fatter, slower, not ageing well and more stressed!

So here is my formula to Wellness: WELLNESS = 'Deliberate Effort': Creating a positive mindset and outlook on life + eating right for your body type and goals + exercising regularly (yep regularly) + sleeping well + resting well + enjoying all these aspects and all the others you have in your life such as hobbies, friends, family and yes even work! That's it in a nutshell. It's not just about exercising and eating well that's a good start to being healthy but it's not all that's involved with being Well. So, if you want change you have to make changes.           Plan for change then it's easy. You might be one of those people who need a complete overhaul of many parts of their lifestyle, work and relationships. Or you may be doing your bit. A little exercise, eating healthily; not stressing too much. J All these areas are great and you should congratulate yourself on this healthy mindset. Ask yourself-Are you living your life the healthiest, fittest way possible? Being truly well? Or could you be a tiny little bit more proactive on your quest to achieving Ultimate Wellness? Whichever category you are in, you will need information and assistance to achieve it. This is why I had the vision for Melbourne Natural Wellness 16 years ago. Everything you need in one place to assist people like us to achieve their vision for their own ultimate wellness lifestyle. It doesn't mean giving up on everything you enjoy in life either! Guess what? I enjoy going out to dinner, having a glass of wine, eating some lovely good quality chocolate, being lazy, and hiding under a blanket watching a movie at home while eating popcorn. I do my best, but I am not perfect. I do get drunk sometimes and eat too much and don't exercise enough and don't see my team of practitioners. But I can tell you this… This is RARE, and I always feel like shit afterwards. Yes, my name is Jodie Coall and I own a Natural Health Clinic and Studio and even I slip up sometimes. It's the old 80/20 Rule So to keep my balance I foster the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I stick to a wellness model and 20% I let myself not stress or beat myself up about it if I indulge or go off track. Like at weddings or birthdays and special occasions. (It's probably more like 90/10 but an 80/20 will do for a start) For me now, at 35, I play sport -hockey and touch rugby. I participate in 5km fun runs and the odd triathlon and adventure obstacle course challenges. I do boxing and cycle classes – mix it up at the gym with the occasional personal training session and do Pilates and yoga.           I have goals and visions and write them down - when I remember to do so of course. I have passions and help the world where I can. I also eat mainly organic veg and lean protein. I try as best I can to be environmentally friendly. I work on my mindset and my subconscious beliefs to ensure I am getting the best outcome for all where possible. I spend time with friends and family, relax and take time out to recharge my batteries and listen to my body. There are so many warnings signs or burn our or illness coming on that we ignore but I have learnt over the years to stop and listen! I also see practitioners for guidance! I am not an expert so I need help to maintain Ultimate Wellness. I have a Naturopath, Massage Therapist and Subconscious / Human Behaviour Coach – so I can learn more about my beliefs and the minds of others. This is weekly – fortnightly. Then Osteopath or Chiropractor, Acupuncturist approximately 6 weekly, Kinesiology, Facial, Skin Maintenance, Lymphatic Drainage, Ear Candle – all these when needed or about every 3 months.             Achieving what I call "Ultimate Wellness", or living your life to its greatest potential means being authentic. What are you doing to live your life the best way possible, and what are you doing to sabotage yourself? None of us can really expect a magic cure all pill to make us all look and feel the way we want to. It means we have to make changes to see changes to our health, fitness, mindset, attitude and relationships. That's the aim for Ultimate Wellness- achieving balance. Dr & Professor Kerryn Phelps Agrees With Me: "Many people set the bar too low when it comes to how well they think they have the capacity to feel. You can put your wellbeing on the backburner for only so long until it starts to show. It's easy to excuse a few aches and pains as an inevitable part of middle age, or that lack of energy as just being overworked. Just about everyone has some capacity to improve their wellness, to take their potential for a healthy future to a new level. To achieve, with some deliberate effort, Ultimate Wellness." Your Road to Wellness: Wellness involves the application of seven areas involved in health and disease. The degree of impact any one area has on a particular health problem will all have some degree of involvement in the cause, effect, and alleviation of health problems. The following is a brief description of the seven components of wellness:   Physical - Good health involves appropriate exercise, body composition, and care of the body. Your body is your temple so, treat is accordingly! Mental -It is important to recognize patterns of thinking, believing, and feeling as well as behavioural factors in all health problems. What you think, feel, and believe dictates what happens to you! Spiritual - Everything happens for a reason and there is an important lesson in all things no matter how severe the problem. Bad cannot exist without good. It is vital to look for the good in all illness! Nutritional - Nutrients are the ingredients in the recipe for life. Make sure that you have plenty of ingredients needed for recovery and optimum health. You are what you eat! Sleep - Good sleep is vital to life and for proper mental and physical health. It is needed to grow, heal, restore energy, prepare the body for future demands, mental function, and most life functions. If you impair sleep, you impair your waking life and health! Environmental - What you do to your environment, you do to yourself. The environment affects your health through your senses. It is important to monitor and adjust your sensory input so that the environment does not adversely affect your health. By modifying your environment, you change your sensory input which can improve your health. Life Skills- It is important to acquire the skills and have the proper tools to "do" life. Knowing what not to do means little unless you know what to do and how to do it. So, thanks for reading! I really hope to welcome you at our Wellness Days this Sunday and Monday ( click here for more details ) and get something out of it that can help take some of the confusion out of what you need when and where to get it from as well as assist you in maintaining 'Ultimate Wellness' for life.