Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Have you been naughty or nice this year?

It's been 'busy' is the word most people describe this year. For me, I am trying to move to a different, less stressful model of life in 2014 because this year, I am winding up when it's supposed to be winding down and wondering if it's going to wind down at all!

It's simple... time is the most important thing, as you can't get it back. I have decided to live in the ZONE as shown in number 2 to the right

This is instead of spending most of my time in the DEMAND, DELUSION or worse still, DISTRACTION. (I am a master of this one). Doing stuff you don't need to be doing nor needs to be done. Busy procrastinating springs to my mind

2014- I am going to plan more and stick to it

Having a list of 5 goals you want to achieve next year and asking yourself is what you are currently doing working towards those goals or are you working in the Demand, Delusion or Distraction zones above?  

I am prioritizing my time more as trying to say yes to everything has not worked this year. It means most of the year was half arsed and stressful. Putting that much pressure on myself means at the end of the year I am running around like a headless chook. I am not really being present as I am always thinking about something else I need to do or somewhere I need to be! I want to look back at 2014 in December next year and say wow what a year, I really enjoyed it and wind down for Christmas.

Christmas recipe for the most healthy hand made gift

Bounty Bars! I have added a secret ingredient - almond butter for extra blood sugar balancing and flavour!

for the best recipe ever!