3 Massive Mistakes even Smart Females Make that cause them to

Panic about the future!

#3. Feeling surpassed by others and over looked.

Ah the old Meg Ryan moment... 'I want what she's having!' We don't want to admit this, but we are hard wired to look at a stunningly beautiful, genetically blessed couple who clearly have it all. Adoration, money, success, career they are inspired about, living their dreams...I could go on here but I think you get the picture. And we are supposed to think.... WOW! Aren't they amazing, good on them. They have found their purpose in life. They are admired and prasied but secretly many people are thinking; Bastards! I wish I had their life, their genes, their perfect partner, their success, their money, their career, their confidence! And then what they do is beat themselves up for feeling inadequate and for feeling this way about them too.

I mean, we are all humans! But why do some people look at others to decide what they need and want for themselves? Why are they constantly comparing to others in this way? Maybe it's because the majority of people in the world stop dreaming as they did when they were a kid. The old 'what do you want to be when you grow up' is not being asked anymore and worse still, it's not being thought about- let alone answered. Many people go to their death bed with a pocket full of regrets. They didn't ever find out what they really wanted or why they wanted it. They've never sat down and really studied themselves. They've never had a really good look inside. The only thing they have done is diagnosed themselves with 'teeny tiny fish - masively huge pond' sydrome. 

Imagine what it's like for them for a moment.....'Do I look good in this? Am I too fat, too thin? Do I have the skills to go for that promotion, to win that account? Will he like me? Am I attractive? Do  I offer the world something amazing? Who am I to think I can do that?  - Constant comparison and worry. How frustrating and how exhausting!

I'd love to share a story with you of the little green bloomers.

There was a little girl in Kindergarten in her little green bloomers and her matching t-shirt standing on the track, waiting for the marshal to fire the starting gun. Excitement within and encouragement from the crowd. All went quiet. The gun went off. She sprinted down the track towards the 100m finishing line and it felt amazing! She was going so fast, she couldn't even feel her legs! Suddenly, something was wrong. She felt fear, she felt alone. She thought she had false started as she noticed no-one else around her. She stopped and looked at the crowd who were shouting at her but she couldn't hear what they were saying. She turned to look around at her competitors who were running up behind her. She waived and shouted 'come on guys!' and waited till they caught up with her. They ran past her to the finish line. 

She came third.

If this becomes a pattern of behaviour in someones, life as it did in mine, you will always be waiting, always be surpassed by others. You don't have to win at all costs, nor win all the time but learning about yourself and knowing your beliefs, behaviours, personality and patterns is winning! What's the start of the solution then? Well, a little bit of  'Take Off (the little green bloomers) Training' download your free getting to know yourself guide here

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