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Do your muscles start to relax just from reading the word massage? Then let the tension ease with a massage from our experts at Melbourne Natural Wellness Clinic CBD .

Massage services we offer:

  • Remedial Massage

  • Relaxation Massage

  • Corporate Massage

  • Sports Massage

  • Cupping


  • Head Massage

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Aromatherapy

  • Reflexology

We also offer Myotherapy and Musculoskeletal Therapy Therapy MST see the Myotherapy MST page.

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Discover the hidden cause of pain in your body and learn how you can live with less pain or no pain, prevent further injury and get back to the flexibility and mobility you use to enjoy.

Trigger points are highly irritable spots in muscles which are formed when the muscle tissue is damaged at different points in our lives. When activated, trigger points can cause pain, limited range of motion, circulatory problems, nervous system problems and weak or fatigued muscles.

Trigger points become activated when undue stress, either physical or emotional, is present in our lives. When constantly activated these points can cause unrelenting chronic pain and lead to further health issues.



  • knee pain
  • sciatica
  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • whiplash and torticollis
  • TMJD
  • headaches (including migraines)
  • menstrual cramps
  • multiple sclerosis associated spasms
  • lupus associated pain
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • irritable bowel
  • shin splints
  • post surgical pain
  • arthritis
  • fibromyalgia
  • rotator cuff injuries
  • tennis elbow
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • pregnancy associated pain



  • pain relief
  • sleep improvement
  • increased energy and well being
  • extended flexibility and greater mobility
  • enhanced circulation
  • increased range of motion
  • improved circulation
  • less susceptibility to strains and sprain
  • increased endurance
  • stress reduction


Several methods are used to relieve trigger points including trigger point therapy and soft tissue massage as well as stretching, cupping and dry needling.

In cupping, suction is used to draw skin and the superficial muscle layer into the cup – much like the inverse of massage.

Dry needling involves inserting a thin filament needle into the skin and muscle directly at the myofascial trigger point – the small contraction knot in the muscle.

Treatment typically includes the prescription of tailored exercise, massage, stretches, needling if required and the use of the foam rollers, spiky balls and resistance bands.








Lymphatic Drainage at Melbourne Natural Wellness


Lymphatic Drainage 

What is the Lymphatic System?


The Lymphatic System has a vitally important role in health maintenance. The lymphatic system is made up of nodes and vessels. The vessels transport, in the lymph fluid, products such as toxins, bacteria, dead cells, excess proteins, hormones and immunocompetent cells. The healthy functioning of the lymphatic system can be hindered, or stopped, due to factors such as stress, chemical overload, age, lack of activity or food additives.






Ear & Body Candling at Melbourne Natural Wellness


Ear Candling


We use TGA approved Practitioner-only candles as they are handmade locally in Melbourne and blessed before being shipped to us. They are, from our experience, the only candles that truly work. Candling is a very holistic treatment as it focuses on letting go of blockages within the body, both physically and emotionally. Commonly, candling is done on the ears to remove excess wax, but your practitioner may also suggest body candling depending on your concerns. Contact the team to find out more information and have a discussion to see which type of candling is best for you.

How is Ear Candling Done?

Candling is a very holistic treatment, it's about letting go of blockages within the body, blockages we can feel physically or emotionally that we may not realise are present. We hold onto a lot of stress in the abdominal area, when the body is ready to let go, the candles will allow that blockage to clear.

Ear Candling
  • Side lying position
  • Candle is placed into a small cone and the cone is gently placed into the opening of the ear.
  • 1 full length candle per ear (2 candles used during treatment) TGA approved and practitioner qualified only
  • 60 minute consultation.


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