Diagnostic Testing

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Testing can be confusing – we make it simple. 

Diagnostic Testing at Melbourne Natural Wellness

At Melbourne Natural Wellness we believe in testing when necessary. There are literally hundreds of types of diagnostic tests we offer   If you suspect you need a test, we recommend you simply book in to see one of Naturopaths to get professional advice and ensure the test you have requested is the right test for you.

We offer complimentary phone advice if you suspect you need a diagnostic test, contact us and we will happily answer your questions and assist you to where to start. 

Suspect you need a test?

Occasionally clients call us and request specific tests such as our a food sensitivity, gluten intolerance, hormone imbalance or candida test but upon consulting with our Naturopath, they find another test entirely is better suited for their presenting symptoms.

There are literally hundreds of diagnostic tests available so we want to ensure you are getting the right test done for you. In order to do this, we recommend an Initial consultation with our Naturopath to discuss your symptoms and your goals to be able to give you the right advice on which test is best for you and why.


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Testing Program:

The testing program allows you to simply come in for a test that you would like to have. This is recommended for those people that have seen a naturopath/specialist before and they have been advised to get a particular test done. 


What’s involved in the Testing Program?

Step 1: Testing Consult (30 minutes)
During your Initial Testing consultation you will briefly discuss your medical history, signs and symptoms and your goals. The naturopath needs to understand why you want the test you booked in for to make sure it is appropriate. In this visit, your naturopath will be able to make a recommendation on which test would be suited for you and give you the instructions as to how the test is done. 

If the naturopath determines that a specific test would be beneficial to you:
Tests are done onsite at Melbourne Natural Wellness where possible. In some cases you may need to take home a kit or we write a prescription to the local lab to draw a sample. They then send your specimen to the laboratory and the results take around 3-4 weeks to return. 

Step 2: Results Consult (30 minutes)
We will contact you to inform you that your test results have arrived. Your Naturopath will go through all your questions, interpret the results, explain them to you and offer solutions and a treatment program for you to get the results you are seeking. From there you may choose to take up one of their recommendations and continue into a Corrective Care Treatment program or choose not to. It is completely up to you and whatever you decide, we are here to help and support you in any way we can.

Payment options for the testing program

The Testing Program is $214. You may claim private health rebates if you have Naturopathy listed with your fund. Please note that in addition to the program you are required to pay for the specific test conducted. The specific tests range from $50-$500.

During your first consultation, if the test recommended to you is not within your budget we will recommend alternative treatment options where possible. We only prescribe testing where necessary. We also have payment plans available starting at only $50 per week.


Not sure if this is a good fit for you? Fill in your details and one of our Diagnostic Specialists will be in touch to help answer your questions. 



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