Herbs & Vitamins

Why should I take vitamins and minerals?

Without a constant stream of vitamins and minerals entering our body we would become very sick. For example, a total lack of Vitamin C causes scurvy, which is fatal. Today in Western countries we are fortunate that we have access to fresh foods that contain vitamins and minerals. However, our modern lifestyles have created a need for higher doses of these essential nutrients. I regularly test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and find most people low in even basic essential nutrients. This can lead to suboptimal health. - Kathryn Arnel | Naturopath


Why should I take the vitamins and minerals you prescribe for me?

Purity of supplements is an issue to take into consideration when using vitamins and minerals. The supplements we prescribe contain high quality ingredients and contain vitamins and minerals in balanced ratios. The formulas contain biologically active ingredients that the body can absorb. They are prescribed by a qualified Naturopath to suit your individual needs. -Kathryn Arnel | Naturopath