Lean and Green Smoothie Workshop Video & Recipes

Success! Green Smoothies Everywhere!


Not literally, we did manage to keep the green in the blenders and avoid mini volcanos! I had such a fun time with you guys and what a great turnout. Well done for making the effort to help your health.
I have for you, the favourites…the easy and simply delicious recipes we used as well as some top topics we discussed. We had a ball, got some new ideas and tasted three amazingly healthy smoothies. Who knew these little guys would be packed with so many benefits!
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Want to watch the video? Caution, there are no actors and it’s raw shall we say…unedited? And no humans were harmed in drinking the smoothies! Read full article Horizontal RuleOk, so you want MORE? If you would like more benefit from the Green Smoothie Workshop then this is for you.. we have put together a package based on majority of attendees. -Limited to 10 people only. Lean Green Package!Read full article to find out more! Horizontal Rule