What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy involves the concentration of the mind, thereby bringing out an altered state of consciousness where we can explore the deeper levels of the subliminal that controls our thoughts, behaviors and feeling.

Most of our life choices that we think we make by our logical conscious mind are actually driven by the beliefs of our subliminal mind. For instance, once you have assumed at your subliminal level that you cannot conquer an addiction, then you will find it really difficult to stay away from the addiction because it's a thought you made from your subliminal mind. The subliminal belief has the power to undermine completely your conscious mind notwithstanding the willpower you apply. Your subliminal desires will win every time.

Often times, we respond to our subliminal urges and drives without even know the source of these feelings. Hypnotherapy is an effective approach for breaking through the subliminal controls of our mind and having an access to our inner resources, thereby giving us the ability to make the necessary changes on the past unwanted behaviors.

With the help of Hypnotherapy and visualization techniques, we can change the brain's neuron pathways. Scientists familiar with brain science have recently found out that the human brain has the ability to change itself that is the brain can change its very structure with the help of certain activities.

They called this fundamental brain property “neuroplasticity”. The Neuron stands for “neuron” the nerve cells present in our brains and nervous system. Plastic is for “changeable, malleable, modifiable”. With this, human can process their brains to cure incurable addictions and behaviors with the right approach. The human brain has the capacity to repair, change and recover.

From many centuries to these present times, many societies and cultures has benefited from the principles and techniques of hypnosis. Hypnosis is an effective method that gives easy access to the subconscious mind where all memories are stored.

As a result of two preconception and misinformation, hypnotherapy has been a victim of misunderstandings. However, far back as thеtwеntiеth-сеnturуmоdеrnnеurо-рѕусhоlоgiсаl research established the bеnеfitаnd power of аutоѕuggеѕtiоn in healing. Tоdау, hурnоѕiѕ is nоwwidеlуrесоgnizеdаѕ a true аndѕаfеhеаlingаррrоасh, whiсhаnуоnесаnеxреriеnсеjuѕt with thе correct guidance.

Hypnosis is a natural and safe state of deep relaxation. It is the state of mind that is in between sleeping and waking, whereby a person is wide awake and aware of physical sensations and surroundings but yet more receptive to therapeutic suggestions. This process is very effective because the conscious mind gets greater support from the subliminal mind in an altered and relaxed state. During this supportive altered state, all unwanted habits, emotional dis-stresses and other negative thoughts can be explored safely and even cleared.


How Can Hypnotherapy Help?


Many findings and research has been conducted on hypnotherapy, and it is discovered that the process assists in clearing and conquering many emotional and mental disorders that include unwanted prolonged stress and tension, anxiety, addiction to smoking, оvеrеаting, nail-biting, bеdwеtting, inѕоmniа, рhоbiаѕ, tension hеаdасhеѕ, ѕеlf-соnfidеnсе, ѕtudуаndеxаminаtiоn nerves, аѕ well аѕmаnуоthеrmеntаlrеlаtеdiѕѕuеѕ. Hypnotherapy can integrate other healing approaches as well as enhance greatly sport and other natural abilities. You will be surprised that its potential is limitless.


What does it Feel Like?


The different sensations gotten from hypnosis varies from client to client. However, it is normal to experience mild drowsiness as well as sweet feelings of comfort and well-being. Clients reviews about hypnotherapy reflect that they feel relaxed and at ease during the session. During hypnosis, the client is usually wide awake and can hear the hypnotherapist's voice. At all times, the client is in control, in the right mind and clear of objectives. It feels just like you watching a movie but with only one difference; you are in total control of the movie, being the director, cinematographer, main actor and casting agent.

The whole concept of hypnotherapy is more like you being in the editing room, clearing and cutting out what's no longer relevant. Then replacing them with new and recent positive ideas to achieve a healthier and more positive happy life.


How safe is Hypnosis?


Misconceptions surrounding Hypnosis today is due to the impression Hollywood movies gives which are often false and misleading. During hypnosis, the client is always in control and cannot be forced to say or do anything without his or her consent. The altered state of mind during Hypnosis is natural and safe just like day dreaming. Clients can have the liberty to wake themselves up at any time that they wish. The hypnotic state is purely maintained by the mutual cooperation between the client and the hypnotherapist.


Can anyone be Hypnotized?


Almost anyone can be hypnotized - but some occur more easily than others. The more the client is cooperative, the greater the success achieved during the session. All that is required of the client is an open mind, a desire to move forward and complete trust in the professional hypnotherapist that they only have your best interest at heart.

Through evidence based hypnosis, you can overcome issues such as:

  • smoking
  • food addictions
  • weight issues
  • pain control
  • stress and anxiety
  • performance enhancement
  • other stress related issues