You asked, we listened... 

For less than a cup of coffee, you could have relief from your symptoms, find solutions to your concerns and support in achieving your goals too! We are specialists in stress, weight issues, hormones, pain and injury, 'too busy disorder', anxiety and a feeling of being 'stuck' -so whatever your goals are and however you are feeling we've got you completely covered.

Perhaps you would like a massage once a month and some acupuncture, or Nutrition and a coaching session when it all gets a bit much, or you need some direction. Yoga and Pilates classes keep you fit, toned, relaxed and energised. Our Real Wellness Membership is designed to save you time, money and stress. We can help you chose what you need or just book what you feel like online. Packed with value and rewards for being committed to your health and wellness, we like to think of them as Health Assurance rather than Health Insurance. Real Wellness is a way of life - after all, you've only got one...

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Clinic services

1x Clinic Service per month (Any Service)
Lymphatic Drainage
Ear Candling 

$39 a week


Studio Classes

Unlimited Studio Classes

Legs Bum & Tum
Shoulder and Upper Back Strength
Stretch, Stress Less and Tone
Mindful Meditation
Tai Chi

$39 a week


Real Wellness

1x Any Clinic Service per month $39 per week
Unlimited Studio Classes $39 per week

YEP, it's not a typo...invest in a studio or clinic membership and get the other FREE!

$39 a week


With Private health rebates - you could end up with a free membership!  

Your membership includes Unlimited Studio Classes plus one of the below services per month:

• Naturopathy 15-30min
• Nutrition 15-30min
• Coaching, Counselling 30-45min
• Massage 30-60min
• Musculoskeletal Therapy (MST) & Myotherapy 30-45min
• Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine 15-45min
• Kinesiology 30-45min
• Wellness Coaching 30-45min
• Lymphatic Drainage 30-45min
• Ear Candling 60min
• Chiropractic Care 15-30min
• Private 1:1 Yoga or Pilates Session 30-45min
• Reformer Pilates Initial Assessment
• Reformer Pilates 1:1 session 30min

Want extra services? You get these at member rate - $10 off

Private health care is accepted for above services. Check your level of cover and rebate amount.
You may claim one of two ways:

1.  We can swipe your private health card here on each visit and your rebate amount goes onto your account as credit
for you to use for extra services, products, tests, gift cards, for another family member or friend or towards your next membership.

2. You can also request invoices for each visit and claim yourself via your insurance company.

Member benefits:

  • 10% off products and supplements

  • 10% off Diagnostic Tests
  • 10% off programs
  • Free workshop entry (excludes Lunch & Learn where we provide lunch)

  • Gift card members rate 10% off

  • 7 day studio pass (2 passes for friends, family or colleagues)

  • 2 x 30 minute wellness assessments/coaching sessions per year

  • 2 x 15 min posture assessment per year

  • Members only online forum with free access to wellness experts, events and resources.
  • Wellness Members Kit on joining.
  • $10 off additional services at members rate
-Register now, your whole team is here waiting to support you and each step of the way. And when you invest and refer a friend, we'll give you one extra session in the clinic or a private studio class FREE -it’s the best investment for both your lives!




  • 30 days notice to cancel- yep no contracts! Just email when you have been kidnapped by aliens and can't come anymore :)

  • Going away? Freeze membership $5 per week replacing your regular investment. 

  • All clinic visits much be completed within the one month rolling period -sessions do not carry over. 

  • Membership direct debits can be from credit card or bank account

  • Most private health insurance rebates are a minimum of $450 per year so you can claim back a fair amount of your investment

Not sure what you need? Start with a Wellness Assessment. Head over to the start here page and fill in the form and one of your Well-As dedicated Wellness Coaches will be in touch or. simply contact us and we will assist you.