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We get it. It can be hard to keep up with all the choices out there! At Melbourne Natural Wellness, we like easy and fun! We simplify things to give you more time to do the things you love while giving you the opportunity to be the healthiest and fittest version of yourself.

Clients come to us with either an idea of what service they want or a symptom or problem they want solved but they are not exactly sure where to start. That's why we created a Wellness Assessment (Well As) to help you discover what's working and whats not. Would you like to do the assessment now? Scroll down a little and there it is! Then, when you have completed it simply email it to us and we will contact you with your report of findings and your custom plan.

Many times clients just book in for a service or class, but it might not really be the one they need and that wastes time and money! To solve this problem, we first book them in for their Well-AS, or they can do this online below. It's a custom Wellness Assessment, where we look at all 9 areas of life and get to know you first, where you are at, and where you want to be. From there, we simply build your own personal customised program to bridge that gap.

dimensions of wellness_copy What makes us unique? I'm glad you asked! Well, we do things a little differently around here:

We understand you are unique. And by being unique, there is no one size fits all when it comes to your life. This is why we custom design your wellness plans specifically for your unique-ness. 

What is my custom wellness plan?

Your custom wellness plan is a plan of action geared towards achieving and maintaining your wellness goals. The buzz word ‘Wellness’ is really looking at physical health and fitness and ‘mindfulness’ however, this is only the tip of the iceberg. At MNW, we support all 9 dimensions of your wellness.

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So how does it work?

It's simple and easy!

1.    Register for your Wellness Assessment you can take this assessment online FREE and we will be in touch after you complete it, with your report of findings and custom plan! Or, if you prefer to come in person, allow up to 30 minutes for the assessment with your Wellness Assessor/Supporter $57 ( your $57 investment is redeemable off your program or membership when you start) 2.    When you are registered, you will then be emailed a link to fill in a quick online form for us to get to know you a little more, confirm your appointment and consent to the assessment.
3. When you arrive at your booked time, your friendly Well-As (Well assessor/supporter) will ask you series of questions relevant to your initial form you filled and the results of your dimensions assessment. You get to create a trusted and open connection with your WellAS (wellness assessor /supporter). This is the time to really open up about what it is you truly want from life, any concerns, what’s been bothering you, what you want and what you don’t want.

5.    From there, you discuss your wellness plan and ideas on where to go from here. Your Well-AS will give you some options, designed based on your needs, on what program/plan is best for you. You then choose where you would like to start.

6.      When you love your plan, you head to the front desk team to make your appointment/s to begin. You have two options here, you may invest in your program upfront or make instalments each week depending on your needs. Each visit will be able to be claimed ( for most services if you are covered for the service on private health)

7.      Within your first month of your program, you will return to your Well- AS to check in to make sure everything is running as you planned and exceeds your expectations. This is best in person but can be over the phone if you prefer. ( Allow 15 minutes) If anything needs to be tweaked it will be. Whatever you need, we will make it happen.

8.      If you are on a corrective care program, when your program is complete, you will move through to your next area you want to work on or, if it’s best for you, and you are not already on one, a health assurance membership where you maintain your wellness care and be part of our community of well-assured members.

9.      At any time through your program you have access to your well-as by email or phone if you have any questions or feedback. We want to create a life- long well-friendship with you.

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There is another way -For those who like to get straight into it!

The Ultimate Wellness Package:

The Ultimate Wellness Package is designed to assess how well your entire body is functioning and what your individual wellness status is. It is a 360 degree look at your life in all 9 dimensions of wellness.
This unique, package is preventative and proactive wellness at its best and it can help to detect areas of dysfunction in your body before they become a bigger problem.
This assessment is also designed to help identify contributing factors to any existing or chronic health issues that you may be experiencing, to guide effective holistic treatment.

This assessment is ideal for individuals who would like a ‘major renovation’. The Ultimate Wellness Package involves a team-based supportive approach to your care. You will be assigned your own team of practitioners including Naturopaths, Coaches, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Kinesiologists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage and Musculoskeletal Practitioners and Yoga & Pilates Instructors too!– who will assess you, and then, as a team, work together to determine a further custom designed wellness plan based on your results and goals especially for you. This is Wellness!
What the Ultimate Wellness Package involves

1.       Initial Client Form: getting to know your needs analysis (online)
2.       Comprehensive Health Assessment Questionnaire (online)

3.       Appointments with:
1 with your Naturopath & 1 with your Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for full assessment and comprehensive consultation: during this comprehensive consultation, your Naturopath and TCM will complete a full health assessment and discuss your individual health concerns in detail. She will then order the appropriate tests for you and your health concerns. Allow 60 min Kristine or Jacqui or Jasmine & Zahra TCM) 

4.       DNA Profile – a DNA test to assess for over 100-nutritionally modifiable genes, so that you can discover your “genetic blueprint” and find out where your genetic strengths and weaknesses are – so that you can be proactive and use diet, lifestyle and nutrition to improve your genetic expression. Jaqui, Jasmine
5.       Comprehensive Blood Testing – a comprehensive panel of blood tests to assess the functional status of your body and to identify any areas of concern. These blood tests include: full blood examination, liver function test, kidney function test, full cholesterol and blood lipids test, cardiovascular risk factors test, blood sugar levels, iron studies, hormonal status studies, inflammatory hormones test. Jaqui, Jasmine 

6.       Salivary Hormone Testing: salivary hormone testing is a reliable method to assess for the levels of a number of important hormones in the body, especially your reproductive hormones and adrenal hormones. Click here for more information on Salivary Hormone Testing. Jaqui, Jasmine.

7.       Cellular Health Analysis: using bio-impedance technology, this quick but sophisticated assessment measures the health of your cells, including how well you are ageing (your “biological age”), total fat and muscle mass, your toxicity levels, cellular hydration and more. This assessment lets you know what is going on…on the “inside”! Jaqui, Jasmine, Kristine. 

8.       Mineral status test: a test conducted by your practitioner to assess your bioavailability of minerals (especially zinc) in the body. Jaqui, Jasmine, Kristine.

9.       Nutritional Assessment: starting with assessment of your 7-day diet diary in addition to the questionnaire and a full nutritional assessment, this session with our holistic Naturopath or TCM is designed to accurately assess your current nutritional status and your diet in general. From here, you will be given a dietary program that is realistic, targeted and designed specifically for you. Jaqui, Jasmine, Kristine, Zahra
10.    Mind Wellbeing and “Life-Check” 1 with Dara- Coach and 1 with Nick- Kinesiologist you don’t need to have any major “issues” to see our guys. A mind wellbeing check-up allows you to take stock of your life, reassess your goals and to ensure that your relationships, work and life are on track – which can be an uplifting and very constructive exercise. The connection between the mind and the body is very well researched, which is why we believe that when having a thorough wellness check-up, it is essential to have a “life-check” too! With your session with Nick, you will also find underlying reasons why you do and don’t do things too! 

11.    Spinal Health and Musculoskeletal Assessment: if you have back, neck, spinal or other musculoskeletal issues this assessment can help to get to the bottom of assessing the cause of these problems. But, even if you don’t have musculoskeletal or spinal problems, a thorough check-up with our Remedial Therapist, who will assess your posture and overall spinal health,  educate you on how to keep your back and body healthy, as well as conduct a treatment on you. (Tim, Tanvi, Lorenzo, James) 

12.    One on one session with your Pilates or Yoga instructor

13.    Report of Findings: after all of the information has been collected from your assessments for the Ultimate Wellness Package your team of practitioners will meet together to discuss the results with your WellAs and prepare a detailed report of findings and your Well -you plan. The report will explain how your body is functioning on all levels and will be discussed in detail at the follow-up “Report of Findings” consultation, 2-4 weeks after the initial consultations and after all the blood test, salivary hormone and DNA results have been received. If any health concerns are identified, your practitioner will discuss the appropriate course of action to address these health concerns in addition to strategies to achieve optimal levels of health and wellbeing. Your report of findings consultation is 45 min with your WellAS and is complimentary.

14.    Progress Review Appointment: as a part of the package, a complimentary progress review appointment will be made for you, 4 weeks after your program commences, to review your progress. This will be with your WellAS –allow 30 minutes

Investment $2495:  payment plan of $415 over 6 payments

Or Total Investment upfront: $1997  - Claimable on private health insurance.



What if I just want to come in for a service or class -I’ve already chosen that I want?
You can book in for any class in the studio or service in the clinic. We will add 30 mins prior to or straight after your appointment unless time is limited, we will make your appointment  on an alternative day that week to meet with your Well-AS to go through your assessment in all 9 dimensions of wellness.


What if I know what I want?

That’s great! You can speak to your Well-AS (Wellness Supporter Assessor) and go through what you would like when you do your 9 dimensions of wellness assessment to ensure we give you what you want and you get the very best care and the right specialists for you J

What if I don’t like my program?

When you meet with your WellAS for the second time, this is a completely open space to tell us exactly what you like and what you don’t like so we can tweak your program to ensure it suits you!

What happens if I want to cancel my program?

You may change programs or memberships anytime if the one you are on doesn’t suit. Talk to your Well-AS to give us a chance to fix the problem and if we can’t- you can break up with us - we will be sad to see you go, but we will still love you.


What if I can’t afford my program?

We have payment plans available just speak to your Well-AS and we can work it out J

How long do I need to be on my program?

For as long as it takes for you to get what you need. Your program is designed for you, so remember to speak to your Well-AS often and your supporting wellness team. This program is for you to get to where you want to be and maintain that place or improve it J

What if I’m on a program and I want to work on something else instead?

You can work on something else if that’s a higher priority for you. Things come up and we are great in emergencies. This is why we do things a little differently here, so that you have access to your Well-AC as often as you need so we can change when you need to change.

What if I just want to come in as and when I want to?

You can certainly do this – that is why we created the Wellness- Assurance memberships. Monthly, Fortnightly or weekly sessions with us in the clinic and you can choose to add on studio classes as well!  Think health insurance but you are in control. Preventing and maintaining, taking action to achieving your goals- Active- not waiting for something to happen before you get help- Re-Active.

If you don’t want a Wellness Assessment with your Well-AS nor a program designed for you, nor a membership, we will do everything we can to help you find something that suits your needs.

What’s my investment?

Programs range depending on how many sessions you need in the clinic and if studio private or group classes are required. Starting from $180 for a 3 session program. We work with your time and budget in mind. Memberships start from just $3.57 per day and are the most value. The first step is to make your appointment to see your 'Well-As' (Wellness Assessor and Supporter) or click here to do the assessment online.

You can do this in person as well. This is a 30 min session where you get to know us and we get to know you! You go through all 9 areas of Wellness and discuss where you would like to be. From there we simply bridge the gap. Click here to make your appointment

This is a safe, open and non- judgemental place where you can be your true self, get some advice and the opportunity to discuss your symptoms and goals in more detail. You also receive a recommendation on which modality/program plan or membership is best suited to your needs.  Simply call us on 9662 1311 or simply fill in the form on the right and we will be in touch to help support you.

The MNW wellness team have this unique process to enable you to live and love a well- life and connect with fellow like minded humans. It’s developed, and maintained, for optimal overall well-being. Your custom wellness plan takes into account all of these varying dimensions of wellness: social, physical, occupational, environmental, financial, emotional, mindset, spiritual & intellectual. A whole-well point of view. You are a whole person so we look at you as exactly that. After all, you only have one life- live it well.

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Wellness Care Memberships


Wellness care is similar to a gym membership where you have a weekly or annual investment in a ‘health assurance’ membership that includes clinic and/or studio services.

Memberships are designed to save you the time, money and stress involved in trying to figure out what type of service you need and when. They help you stay on track and maintain the life you love. You may be recommended to choose one of our Wellness Care Memberships as the place to start with us. You can move into Wellness Care memberships anytime. We always recommend to sign up for a membership after completing a program to ensure you will maintain the life you want to live. 

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What type of care would you like?


Level 1 Corrective care Level 2 Wellness care


Not sure what you need or where to start?

Simply fill in the form below and one of our Well-As  (Wellness Assessors/Supporters) will be in touch to have a chat to get to know more about you and how we best support you.

Call us at 96621311 or simply fill in the form below and we will be in touch.