Why Us?


Since 2002 - Multi Award Winning Melbourne Natural Wellness
has helped over 10,000 people each
year reach their goals!

Jodie believes that wellness is not a destination, but a lifelong journey. She is inspired to educate others on the importance of maintaining the 9 dimensions of well being: Physical, mental, emotional, learning, growth, environmental, financial, social, occupational.

She is an advocate for the Wellness Care model of health that focuses on ‘Maintenance Care’ and ‘Preventative Care’ rather than ‘Sickness Care’, where people only get help once they have gotten ill. She encourages people to check-in with their bodies often and recognise signs and symptoms that something isn’t right during the early stages.

Jodie is on a mission to inspire others and help them be inspirational. To provide them with the tools and resources so they can live a life they love. She is a key note speaker for Wellness Hubs Australia, Podiatry Hive and Speaker Ambassador for Hands Across the Water and is a committee member for the Collins St Precinct. Jodie has been nominated for the Telstra Business Woman’s Award three times. 

In 2013, Jodie started a second company, Wellbusi as she found many people were running their businesses but their health suffered or visa versa. She now consults with many business sectors across Australia helping them achieve a business they love without sacrificing their life. Want to see if Jodie can help your business? Contact us now

real age test cpm_csq_004 (15)_copy2In 2014, Jodie launched Ultimate Corporate Wellness (UWC). UWC focuses on bringing wellness to workplaces and helping companies improve their employee morale, reduce absenteeism and reward their efforts and dedication to the company, creating teams that work-well. Jodie educates in a practical and connected way and believes knowledge and education enables growth.

At UCW, custom programs are designed to generate a greater awareness about simple choices we can make to improve our wellbeing. It all starts with a casual meeting over a tea or coffee. Click here for more information on UWC.

Where else can you find Jodie? When she isn’t playing sport, at the gym, reading educational books in the sun, doing charity events or travelling around the world, she is spending quality time with friends and family -including the red and blue ‘healers’ Cardi & Jumpa who are often seen 'helping' the members at MNW!


Do you want to meet JC? To get in touch for speaking events, media interviews, collaborations, ideas, to get shit done simply email: reception@mnwc.com.au

Meet Your Well Team


Melbourne Natural Wellness is home to many of the industry's most sought after practitioners and instructors. We are proud to serve our clients with highly experienced and dedicated practitioners and instructors that hold your health and wellness goals as their top priority. 

We value


Openness  |  Respect      Communication  |  Honesty    Integrity  |  Support  |  Awareness    Research  |  Knowledge  |  Learning    Understanding  |  Compassion    Inspiration



Timothy Harvey, Musculoskeletal Therapist at Melbourne Natural Wellness

Timothy Harvey
Musculoskeletal Therapy

Dara Simkin, ​Mindset Coaching at Melbourne Natural Wellness

Dara Simkin

​Mindset Coaching


Zahra Nasr, Massage Therapist at Melbourne Natural Wellness

Zahra Nasr

Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage Therapist


Donna Toohey, Pilates & Yoga Instructor at Melbourne Natural Wellness



  • Having an ‘Attitude of gratitude’ I am the inspiration for you to be the inspiration for yourself and my goal is to help you reach yours.

  • Being healthy encompasses all facets of our mind, body and spirit; I believe that health, wellbeing and happiness cannot be separated or treated individually. I am here to be your guide on the path to healthy living.

  • To nurture unconditionally.

  • I do the very best I can in my work, research and commitment to MNW, our clients, staff and business.

  • I am fully present to listen to your story, questions and concerns. I guarantee you my judgemental, caring and empathic understanding and my unwavering support.

  • I am here to provide the best care for you based on my extensive knowledge on how the human body works and what it needs to function at its peak. I support you and we work together to manage your frustrating, nagging aches and assist you in becoming the best version of you.

  • I continue to learn new theories and techniques to help you. I listen carefully, understanding that you are unique and need to be supported in different situations in different ways.

  • I bring my very best into our clinic and studio. I provide support and respect to all members of my team. I take responsibility for my part in maintaining a healthy and happy environment for the team and our clients. I provide my best service to you as I guide you along your path to wellness.

  • I focus on optimizing the treatment you receive by utilizing my skills, knowledge and experience to help enhance the value of your life. I listen and understand your needs. I do my very best during the valuable time you share with me.

  • I facilitate positive change for you by asking the right questions and listening with open ears to help you connect all the dots and break through your personal barriers to success and wellbeing.

  • I continually provide the highest level of care & commitment.

  • The essence of my practice is grounded in holistic philosophies, I am committed to helping you renew your body and mind by achieving total vitality and wellbeing.

  • I live everyday with honesty and integrity and vow to consistently make a positive difference in the lives of others. I am present and I empower those around me to be a better version of themselves, as I lead by example.

  • I am committed to providing you with service that is personal, professional and reliable. I endeavor to make you feel better than you felt before seeing me, inspired and eager to face your day to day tasks better than ever before.

  • I provide exceptional service and experience to all my clients. I ensure each class is of maximum benefit through my individual approach to challenge your body, mind and spirit.

  • I give 100% to my classes. I motivate, educate and safely guide you through your Pilates practice. Together we will create a stronger, fitter and more inspired you.

  • I continue to share my inspiration and strive to inspire my clients to live a balanced, healthy life. I continue to meet my commitments and am dependable and responsible.

  • My commitment is to help you identify and work toward your own unique way to better health and wellbeing.

  • I inspire people to develop self awareness, self acceptance and self-empowerment through movement, thought and breath, to be true to themselves and others.

Ethical & Environmental Business Considerations


We believe in helping people in addition to our furry, finned and feathered friends. We care about our environment. We would just like to say we are mindful of everything we do and the impact it has on others and our world we live in. All that we say, do, think and feel must match our values and beliefs. 


Our Philosophy

Melbourne Natural Wellness is dedicated to improving your life. We strive to go the extra mile. We treat any type of condition in everyday people. If you are committed to achieving your optimal health goals, then our team is committed to providing you with the information and tools necessary for you to get there. We offer personalised programs designed for your needs and goals.

We offer you Wellness Care Memberships that give you access to all of our services for one set price to make it easy for you and keeps you committed to maintain your wellness. Each client is also entitled to their very own dedicated wellness coach who you get unlimited email and phone access to. Our coaches are always ready to guide you to what you may need throughout your wellness program or membership and help answer any questions you may have. 

'Bringing your Body & Mind to a State of Balance'