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Pilates at Melbourne Natural WellnessAfter asking our clients what they love and what they don’t love about exercise, we created a studio full of just the ‘loves’.  ‘We want to feel vibrant, fit, toned, strong and confident.’ ‘We want to feel comfortable in the classes, not intimidated and we want to be known. We want to feel part of the studio -not just a number.’ 

New to the studio? Why not take a look at our Real Wellness Membership! With no contracts, you can cancel with just 30 days notice. Best way to try out the clinic services and the studio at once  Click here

We listened. We created a studio exactly as our clients want it. Melbourne Natural Wellness is a boutique, results-based & friendly studio. Classes are kept small and intimate to make sure each person gets individual attention and adjustments. We cater to the busy corporate lifestyle and help reduce stress and refresh the body and mind. Located on the Paris End of Collins Street, the studio is filled with natural sunlight on the fourth floor of the historic Martin & Pleasance building – Pleasance House as it is known today.   

We offer Group Mat Pilates, 1:1 Clinical Reformer Pilates (with a physio, so you can claim rebates), Group Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation classes and private 1:1 sessions click here for these. Classes are kept small, with a maximum of 10 in mat classes to ensure you are receiving the best care and experience we can give.


‘I feel relaxed as soon as I walk in the door! It’s like a sanctuary in the city’


Pilates Class at Melbourne Natural WellnessHow do I choose the right class for me?

We have made it easy for you! If you are interested in Reformer Pilates, you need to have an Assessment first, click here
All other classes you can book in for without an assessment. Simply look at the class timetable here. You may like to look at the instructor’s profiles or class description and see which one best sounds like ‘you’. You can do all this online or contact us for help.  We are more than happy to recommend where to start and help you get started when you are ready. You can book private sessions here



  1. Pick which class & time is the best for you and book in online

  2. Follow the instructions to create your profile

  3. Select your package type:

    • You can choose from:

    • Casual class

    • Multi pack

    • All inclusive unlimited membership

    • Or private session 

Because classes are small, your instructor gets to know YOU, YOUR goals, and works the class to get results.

Try our classes for yourself & see why our clients consider themselves as part of our family.  


What do I need to wear / bring?

  • When taking a Yoga or Pilates class, dress comfortably in clothing that fits snugly but not tightly. 

  • We recommend TOE SOX, which you can buy at our online shop or at the studio for $17. They are organic cotton and really assist to strengthen your muscles. 

  • We have male and female change rooms and a shower facility should you need.

  • We supply all the rest- environmentally friendly recycled cork blocks, organic cotton straps, local non pvc natural rubber (from plantation) mats and a water station. You name it, we have it!

Clinical Pilates, how does it work?

Book in for your 45min 1:1 Assessment first here your physio/clinical pilates instructor will write you a custom program.

You will need up to 3x30 min 1:1 sessions working with your program and your physio, Brooke, before attending any group Reformer sessions. After your inital assessment and 3 1:1 sessions are complete, you may continue with 1:1 sessions as long as you like!

Clinical Pilates is a form of physical exercise that focuses on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing. Clinical Pilates is often used in conjunction with physiotherapy as a means of treating a variety of injuries, particularly those of the neck and back.


Benefits of Clinical Pilates
There are numerous benefits to be gained from performing Clinical Pilates exercises. Some of these include:

  • Improved posture and core stability
  • Increased muscular strength and flexibility
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Aiding rehabilitation
  • Restoration of normal movement patterns
  • Enhanced breathing control
  • Increased co-ordination and muscular control
  • Firmer and flatter stomach muscles
  • Improved overall body tone and fitness
  • Improved balance


Let’s start with a bit about Pilates:


What can Pilates do for me?

Our mat Pilates classes are small. Maximum of 10 in each class and our Reformer Pilates classes fit a maximum of 4, so we can focus on your individual needs.  Our Pilates classes teaches you body awareness, good posture and easy, graceful movement. Pilates improves flexibility, agility and motion. It can even help alleviate muscle and joint pain. 

Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. It can build strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek, toned body and a flat abdomen. No matter what your age or condition, it will work for you. Pilates improves core strength, flexibility, agility and motion. 

Pilates is not just for girls either!

It was developed by a man called Joseph Pilates. Many of the world’s elite dancers and athletes use Pilates to strengthen and tone their muscles. It also assists them to help prevent injuries. Try it and see the benefits for yourself, you only regret the things you don’t try 

What’s the difference between Reformer and Mat Pilates?


Pilates machines, called ‘Reformers’ 

You are fully supported in the Reformer machine and springs provide different levels of resistance depending on the strength of the individual and the level of ‘workout’ they need. The reformer can be gentle, using core strength and posture, to a cardio & resistance workout building lean, flexible, toned muscles. It teaches body awareness, good posture and easy, graceful movement. Reformer Pilates improves flexibility, agility and motion. They are quite easy to use and get the hang of. Remember we all started with not knowing in the beginning. Our Reformer machine is for 1:1 private sessions called Clinical  Pilates as your program is custom designed for you with our Physio. Bonus, you can claim on private health too.


Pilates mat work

By picking movements and modifying the exercises, your instructor will be very supportive and assisting your needs. You learn to "organize" your body and incorporate the principles of Pilates. Don’t be fooled by the people who say Pilates isn’t a work out. You will always feel the good sore after a class and in no time at all you and others will notice the benefits on your body! 


What should I do first Mat or Reformer Pilates?

We recommend you try Mat Pilates first to ensure you have the fundamentals down. If you are unsure where to start, have a specific injury, want results faster or have never done any Pilates before, you may want to consider a private class with you and your instructor or perhaps a friend or two.




Yoga at Melbourne Natural WellnessWhat can yoga do for me?

In yoga, we focus on moving with pranayama (breath) which in turn creates a meditative state that is blissful for your body and mind.  Yoga is a therapy that aims to unite the mind, soul and body.

Our yoga at Melbourne Natural Wellness is quite gentle and restorative and acts as a complimentary exercise to Pilates. Yoga can help your muscles relax and unwind, reducing stiffness and creating flexibility. You don’t have to be bendy to do yoga. Our Yoga instructors design the classes to suit the needs of each member and adjust the class or poses to suit you.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increased strength and vitality

  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • Improving of circulatory system

  • Stretching and toning of muscles

  • Weight loss

  • Balance

  • Improved concentration and focus

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Management of chronic health conditions such as asthma, carpal tunnel  syndrome, depression, back pain, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis


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