3 biggest blunders we make that keep us stressed out, panicking about the end of the year and worried we won’t get everything done in time!

Finish the year with a boom not a bust!
#3 No structure
There are limited days in the year left and some of us are still working away. Are we going to get everything done? Maybe, maybe not. Here’s the thing. Without structuring your time and having a good plan, people run around like headless chooks and end up doing so many things at once, they don’t know where they are at and although everything gets started nothing gets completed.


Take 5 minutes to make a list then AAA Action – Assign –Abandon

This trick can be used for work and home – things on your to do list. Action items are those that are life giving. If items on your list are not life giving – don’t give them life. These are also items that must be done without exception. They are usually also ones that if you do them some if not all other items on your list may become irrelevant or easier!

If they must be done, block out the time they need to have dedicated on them and also assign it, do you need to recruit anyone to assist in getting this done? Who do you need to become to get these things done? Is there a way, if you are doing this on your own, that you can time protect as well? Cross out your calendar mark as Do Not Disturb. Turn your email and mobile off and get to work on them one at a time. Have someone time protect for you if possible.

Can you abandon any items that have been on your list for months and really don’t matter anymore? Or the ones that are not in line with your top values and goals?

Wait till next year. Now for some things this may be a good idea. The things on the list of yours you wrote as above, the assign or abandon ones. These ones can wait till next year if they are still relevant and part of your goals or part of your values. Imagine starting the New Year with fresh ideas and projects to work on, not left over’s from last year!

For other things like health, fitness, wellness. December is just like any other month. Yes it happens to be the end of the year and the following month January happens to be a brand new year but it’s the same as say March to April or June to July. Just one month following on from another month. Waiting ‘till the new year to see your Massage Therapist, Naturopath, Yoga Instructor, take your class at the gym, even go to the gym means you may be going backwards and we all know how hard it is once you stop to get back into it. Continuing to look after yourself is probably even more important through Dec and Jan is easy to give up, stop and relax. But, as there are more temptations, places may close, your routine may be disrupted but try as best you can to continue to look after yourself so when tomorrow comes, you will thank yourself for the choices you made today.

This time of year is full off craziness, joy, sadness, festivities, food, you name it. It’s the best and the worst time of year. December is a month to wind down and relax and enjoy of course but this should be the same as any other month. It is time to reflect on the year. Write all the good things you have achieved and all the lessons you have learnt. Tidy up loose ends and set your goals for 2016, ready to start afresh in January.

#1 failure to plan
Is planning to fail.

Goals, plans, ideas. Things you want to do in 2016. To do list, bucket list, whatever you want to call it, they are all the same – just different ways of describing what you want to get out of 2016. To know what you want next year to look like reflect on 2015. Ask yourself, how was your 2015? Was it everything you wanted it to be? Still have goals on your list that you didn’t complete and they are recycling each year? Maybe it’s time to abandon them.

When I coach my clients these are some of the very same questions I ask. I help people get clarity, get focused and get in massive action as being in motion creates momentum. And momentum is what we need to reach our goals and set ourselves up for a fantastic year. You won’t get 2016 back by the way so live it as your best year yet!

Many people don’t write lists, set plans, set goals and some have no idea what they want to do this year let alone with their lives. Start with reflection on 2015, then look at your values. Do you know what your values are? This is another fantastic part of coaching with my clients. We find out all the things they value and get a top 10, 5 and 3. This is where it gets really interesting to look into their lives and see where they are living their lives to their top values and where they are not. Digging deep into learning about themselves and getting very clear and focused on what they want from their lives and how they want to live.

Then we simply create a plan to achieve it! We actually set out the whole year in advance with the big rocks first, the little rocks, pebbles and finally the sand based on your values. Each month is laid out and planned with what’s important to you in order of importance. Imagine having a 12 month calendar already laid out before you start the New Year!

I get it. This time of year there are a lot of pressures. Believe me I know. Many of my team members are already on a break and we have limited resources. It just makes me personally more resourceful and resilient. And having an injury on my dominant hand isn’t helping but it is making me think outside the box and getting creative with what I can do! It can be pretty stressful this time of year -let’s face it. But, this is NOT the time to let everything go! Believe me I have done it before and when I looked back I regretted the choices I made and was more stressed out starting a new year that I should have been.

Will you finish the year with a bust or a boom?
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