9 Dimensions of Wellness

I feel Wellness can be summed up in 9 areas. The degree of impact that any one area has, may also have some degree of involvement in the cause, effect, and impact on another area. It’s like a ripple effect. (Which is where our logo idea came about)

Knowing that one thing can lead to or affect another. One member of Melbourne Natural Medicine, can, by coming in to see us, effect their friends and family, their workplace, even strangers by their actions and general wellness choices.

The following is a brief description of the 9 dimensions of wellness:

Physical – Good health involves appropriate exercise, body composition, and care of the body. Your body is yours for life so treat it well! Nutritional – Nutrients are the ingredients in the recipe for life. Make sure that you have plenty of ingredients needed for recovery and optimum health. You are what you eat! Sleep – Good sleep is vital to life and for proper mental and physical health. It is needed to grow, heal, restore energy, prepare the body for future demands, mental function, and most life functions. If you impair sleep, you impair your waking life and health!

Occupational- Do what you love and love what you do. You are at work a lot of your life so there isn’t much point being in a job you hate which causes you stress. Think, how can I make this day better? What’s the one thing I can do at my job that will make everything else easier or non-existent? What did you dream of doing when you were at kid? What were you good at, at school? You may find inspiration by looking back at what you loved.

Environmental – What you do to your environment, you do to yourself. The environment affects your health through your senses. It is important to monitor and adjust your sensory input so that the environment does not adversely affect your health. By modifying your environment, you change your sensory input which can improve your health.

Financial – Not many people would think financial would be a dimension of wellness. Think about it. How much debt do you have? How much money do you want and why? What are you doing with it? Are you happy with where you are at? Are you stressed about your finances? Are you financially well?

Emotional – Do you act or react? Or not act at all? Are you one sided? Can you see both sides of a story or situation? Do you know who you are? Can you show your emotions? These are all things to consider

Mindset – It is important to recognize patterns of thinking, believing, and feeling as well as behavioural factors. What you think, feel, and believe dictates what happens to you! Growth mindset not fixed, is the key.

Spiritual – Everything happens for a reason and there is an important lesson in all things no matter how severe the problem. Bad cannot exist without good. It is vital to look for the good in all situations and visa versa otherwise we end up with a lopsided view of reality.

Intellectual -Including emotional intelligence not just how many degrees you have. Learn, put that learning into practice to make permanent. And grow. Having a growth mindset allows you to be more intelligent. Life Skills – It is important to acquire the skills and have the proper tools to “do” life. Knowing what not to do means little unless you know what to do and how to do it.

Social – Why you what you do, what you are here for. Create connection. Effect the world. Listen to others. Share stories and create memories. Write your obituary so you know how you want to be remembered, then work backwards. How do you become that person?


Fill in the wheel below regulatory to keep a check on which areas need a little more attention