Acne Support in Melbourne

The effect that acne has on physical appearance is often highlighted, but the condition is also indicative of various issues that are occurring ‘below the surface’. At Melbourne Natural Medicine, we can provide natural acne support in Melbourne, with treatment options that are designed to ensure your internal systems are functioning optimally.Acne Support Melbourne

The Causes of Acne

There are numerous reasons why you might be suffering from acne. These include hormonal fluctuations, poor dietary habits and nutritional deficiencies, insufficient personal hygiene, and unregulated stress levels. Acne can also be caused by a weakened immune system, lethargic blood circulation, and ineffective liver function that can’t remove toxins and metabolic wastes.

Treatment Options

Our acne support in Melbourne can narrow down the cause of your acne and offer treatment options that are tailored to your needs. If your acne is caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits, we can make suggestions and formulate daily plans. By living a healthier and more wholesome lifestyle, you may be able to mitigate or remove all signs of acne from your complexion.

We may also recommend various supplements and topical treatments that can provide relief. Nutritional supplements may enhance your digestive system and immunity system, addressing the possible cause of your skin ailment. Meanwhile, topical treatments can provide rapid relief when combined with other solutions.

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