Almost finished my detox, so how do I look and feel?

Almost Finished! How Do I Look and Feel?
Hi Family!
I promised to tell you exactly what I have been eating (it’s not all apples by the way), drinking and my exercise routine so click on the link for a look inside a typical week in the life of JC!
To get my daily /weekly exercise secrets

How I Did it:
It had to be simple and easy, I’m a busy lady! I had to know EXACTLY what to eat and what to avoid AND I had to feel energized!

To watch my video blog- know what I am eating and how I am feeling

As Promised, What I’m Eating!
To get your copy of my allowable food list!

I Had Help You Know…
Not even I can do this on my own AND know what’s best for my body. Dr Google can tell you many things – but not any thing specific to your needs.

It’s good that I people are seeking and searching for answers and taking control of their health but be careful, there is alot of mis-information out there and trying to wade through all the different ‘do this, don’t do that’s’ can be confusing and stressful.

Self diagnosing is not always great idea. I always listen to my body and then ask my team for advice, recommendations and programs to keep me in the best shape possible. This saves me time and money by being able to stick to it as it has all been designed specifically for my needs. Think of a car, if you don’t put petrol in it it won’t go and depending on the type of fuel you put into it, the better or worse it runs. It also needs cleaning, taking care of, taking it for a ‘run’ and serviced regularly. I treat my body and mind way better than my car as I can’t ever replace it.

Watch out for my next update on my final weeks and I will tell you my secret weapon that got me through my detox and made me feel better than I have ever felt before!