Are you ready for this?

I sure am! It’s been a big year. Up and down to be fair but we are still here. Resilient & resourceful even when we think we have had enough and can’t take anymore, we find that little extra something. That takes a toll on the mind and body though ???? So, this is the time of the year to reflect. Mindset=set your mind. What wins did you have? Lessons did you learn? What are you grateful for and of course, what are your plans to play with life next year?

My Shit.

I had a session with our Kinesiologist Ilana last Friday and I can tell you, the timing was perfect! I was irritable. Yes, that’s the word. Felt something was ‘wrong’. I was anxious and ‘busy’ running around and around and felt like an elephant had camped out on my chest! I had some things I needed to address as it was affecting my physical and emotional wellbeing, not to mention the safety of others when the volcano erupted ????

Did you know?

Kinesiology allows you to tap into your body’s own wisdom and helps you balance your body, mind and spirit. It allows you to identify and remove the blocks from your life that are preventing you from reaching the abundance of health and vitality (and anything else) you want. One of the most powerful mindset therapies available! By tapping into your subconscious and helps you identify the underlying root cause of your troubles. Knowledge is the key! When you become aware of why you feel unwell, strange, ‘not yourself’ or why you always attract the same old scenario into your life, it gives you the power to take the necessary actions to change your life.

What Happened?

Well, after that session, I slept so well, in fact better than in the weeks leading up to my session. I am calm, organised, productive and a better human to be around! Thats a win thats for sure. And, as its the last week of work this week for a wee week off, I tell you, I would not have enjoyed my week off in the state I had gotten myself trying to shove so much in the last few weeks. Its wind down time now and I’m feeling gooooooood!

Are you?

Open to a session to see what it can do for you? email or give me a call 9662 1311 and I will help you. WARNING: if you think yes! Ill do that next year. Don’t! Do it now. It’s one less thing to do and off your mind. Book in now and let us take care of you.