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Do your muscles automatically begin to relax after just hearing the word ‘massage’? Our team are trained in different types of relaxation and therapeutic massage at Melbourne Natural Medicine in the CBD, including Musculoskeletal Therapy and Myotherapy in North Melbourne, and can use a range of the best massage techniques to help alleviate stress, tension and discomfort.

The Benefits of Massage

Therapeutic massage in Melbourne is a great way to relieve tension, alleviate muscle stress, improve blood circulation, and help treat some muscle injuries and certain disorders, such as insomnia and anxiety. The treatment involves pressing, rubbing and manipulating the skin to loosen and soften the underlying soft tissue, including the muscles, tendons and ligaments. There are several different techniques used in massage, and the therapist may vary from using light stroking to deep pressure, depending on your needs and preferences.

The origins of therapeutic massage reach back into ancient times and span countless cultures and continents. Archaeological references to massage have been found in civilisations such as ancient Greece, China, India, Rome and Egypt. Today, massage is considered part of complementary and alternative medicine, and it is often recommended in conjunction with contemporary medicine for treatment of a wide range of medical and physiological conditions.

Relaxation massage differs from therapeutic massage in that it is used to provide general stress relief to the body while therapeutic massage aims to alleviate chronic disorders and muscular based pain. Therapeutic massage is typically performed at clinics or hospitals while relaxation massage is commonly offered as a luxury service at a massage spa. We provide both services at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic, where our experienced and qualified massage specialists will determine the best massage treatment for your needs. This may include undergoing sessions of remedial massage or sports massage Melbourne CBD at Melbourne Natural Wellness.

What Does Massage Therapy Involve?

Massage therapy at Melbourne Natural Medicine can be tailored directly to you and your needs. Whether it’s relaxation massage, myotherapy, pain therapy or tension alleviation, the therapists at Melbourne Natural Medicine can adjust their approach according to the result you are after. They can combine gentle, long strokes and deep circular movements with varying degrees of force to help relax, energise and ease discomfort.

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