At Melbourne Natural Medicine, we offer scientifically validated and non-invasive Bioimpedance analysis tests. We’re able to accurately measure the body composition of patients, including fat mass and muscle mass as well as fluid balance and cellular age. This allows us to take a snapshot of your health and identify any areas that need improvement.

The Benefits of Bioimpedance Analysis

The information derived from a Bioimpedance analysis can be used to formulate dietary and lifestyle programs that are tailored to your specific needs. This includes exercise and nutritional supplement recommendations to help you improve your overall health and general wellbeing. The results can be monitored over time so that patients can see how they are improving.

There are many reasons why people may consider Bioimpedance analysis. The information gained can help them manage their weight more effectively and improve their energy levels. It can also help to support nutritional health and enhance fitness levels. All of these things can help people age more healthily and avoid serious illnesses in the future.

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