Can anyone have wellness or is it just for the rich and famous?

What the hell is wellness anyway?
Well I’ll tell you, in my opinion, what it’s not.

It’s not about sprouting words of wisdom from the guru’s guru in a language that no one understands. It’s not about chanting, wearing stoopidly brightly coloured expensive lycra outfits, drinking the chai lattes, having all the latest and greatest sports or gym gear and NEVER GOING TO A GYM and the thought of sport makes you nauseous. Have you seen this skit? It’s quite funny.

It’s not about being skinny yet incredibly unfit and botoxed to the eyeballs. Can you botox eyeballs? It’s not about eating orgasmic raw food, no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, nothing white, or is it nothing yellow? No meat or is it meat only? I forget. Oh, and only breathe mountain air filtered by daisy wearing angels. People, come on!! Life is hard enough without making it harder by putting so much more pressure on ourselves.

Ooooh, look at that, I see Jodie is out with the girls drinking wine!?! The owner of a wellness centre. She should be ashamed of herself! Has anyone read Brene Browns research on shame? If not, you should. Pointing a finger at what others are doing- there are three of your own judgemental fingers pointing right back at you.

You know what? SFW. I happen to value going out with the girls, and, having worked in hospitality for a long time I appreciate the creative craft of a good mixologist. Especially if they are easy on the eye as well. Two birds and all that. This is part of my life and I love it. I also love wellness and that is how I live my life…well. Yep. That’s right. I can have both. I can have it all I tell you – ALL!

Just had another thought here in my ranty rant…

It’s not about striving for happiness all the time either. I had an interview with a possible front of house team member and all she wanted from life was ‘just to be happy’. Really? How will you know when you are happy? Or in fact, what makes you happy? Or growing as a person because of the experiences life has thrown your way. You know that ‘positive thinking/happiness movement’ and all that- is bull shit right? Rowing your boat harder doesn’t help if you are rowing in the wrong direction.