Candida is a fungal infection that can affect various parts of the body. Common symptoms include white patches on the tongue as well as other areas of the mouth. Other symptoms may include redness, soreness and swallowing difficulties. At Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic, we offer exhaustive Candida tests. If you’re concerned that you’re suffering from a Candida infection, our comprehensive testing can put your mind at ease.

Accurate and Reliable Testing

At Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing accurate and reliable Candida tests for all patients. We can collect saliva samples and conduct complete digestive stool analysis, both of which are capable of identifying the presence of Candida antibodies in your system. With this information, we can assess the degree of the Candida infection and formulate a tailored treatment plan.

Patients can collect saliva samples after they wake in the morning and post them off to our laboratory as soon as they’re able to. The digestive stool analysis can also be performed from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Results from these tests usually come back within one to two weeks.

Book a Candida test at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic

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