What comes out of a body candling treatment?

Heard of Ear Candling? What about Body Candling?

Thought today, you may be as curious as I was to know what body Candling is and the variety of benefits it can have. Many of our clients are booking in to feel the benefits for themselves and some, well, yes, perhaps just out of curiosity sake!

Have a look at this 30 second Body Candling video I filmed at MNW recently.

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Even I was amazed at what came out of Fay- our Manager’s face!

When I asked Fay how she felt after her treatment and she said ‘lighter, firmer and less puffy’ It was obvious to me just by looking at her -she looked like she had had a mini facelift! She also had the candling on her tummy too – results? Less bloated & tummy appeared flatter! Imagine that!

What can Body Candling help with?

  • Bloating
  • Detox
  • Puffiness
  • Period pain
  • Fluid retention
  • Tired looking skin
  • Satisfying curiosity

Who does Body Candling at MNW?

our Ear and Body Candle expert. She also specialises in Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy and Remedial Massage. To read her profile click here