Crystal Healing in Melbourne

Crystal healing encompasses a variety of therapies that use crystals to have a cleansing and activating effect on the body. When crystals are used on the body by an experienced practitioner, they may improve physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The practitioner works on seven major and minor chakras to unblock them and allow energy to flow around the body unimpeded. At Melbourne Natural Wellness, we offer crystal healing in Melbourne that works on a number of levels – the mind, body and spirit.

Crystal Healing Massage

Crystal healing massage is the use of crystals incorporated into a relaxation massage. The practitioner conducts a full body relaxation massage on the client, and then applies crystals and stones at specific points. It is said that adding crystal healing to a massage may elevate and heighten the healing effect of the massage.

What Are the Advantages of Crystal Massage?

Crystal massage offers numerous advantages for the body, spirit, and mind, including:


Crystal massage therapy completely relaxes the whole body as well as the mind, as it incorporates a full body massage plus the use of stones to help activate the body’s energy centres.

A Gentle Therapy

If you don’t like massages that are too hard or strenuous, then crystal massage therapy is for you. This form of massage is gentle yet may be effective at rejuvenating the body.


Crystal healing massage works on the body in a holistic way to bring the whole body, mind and spirit back into balance.

Choose Melbourne Natural Wellness for Crystal Massage Therapy

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