Detox half way through – what am I doing?

I promised I would let you know what I am doing so here it is: I ride to and from work, sport, you name it. My first method of transport is BIKE ???? Mondays: Lunchtime I do 1 or 2 Mat and or Reformer Pilates Classes Tuesdays: Lunchtime Boxing Private Reformer Pilates If I still have energy I do Pilates after work some days too ???? Wednesdays: Cycle class at lunctime Hockey Training afterwork Thursdays: Boxing or Power Yoga at lunchtime Pilates after work +/or Touch Rugby Fridays: Mat Pilates Reformer Pilates at lunchtime If not, I go to the gym rowing, weights sometimes depending how my body feels and what it needs. Sometimes swim ???? Sat / Sun: Ride, sometimes run a little, play Hockey one of the days and rest the other! Approx 10 sessions a week Want me to show you how to fit more movement into your diary? Just ask me