Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic is a leading natural medicine clinic that offers a huge range of scientifically validated, diagnostic testing. We believe in testing when necessary, and as our focus is to treat the cause, testing can help pin point the exact causes of an illness or symptoms, for which individualized treatment can then be designed.


Diagnostic Testing at Melbourne Natural Wellness

There are literally hundreds of diagnostic tests on offer, and often the hardest part is determining which test is going to be best for you. Sometimes it’s not just as simple and straight forward as we’d like to think sometimes. This is where we come in!

As trained health professionals, our Naturopaths at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic can help determine which test is right for you, and most likely to provide the information that you are after.


If you suspect you need a test, we recommend you simply book into see one of our Naturopaths to get professional advice and ensure the test you have requested is the right test for you. We offer complementary 15-minute phone conversations to help give you a little more information about our testing options. From there, we recommend an initial consultation to comprehensively discuss your symptoms and goals, so your practitioner can then provide you with tailored advice and recommendations on which testing is best for you and why.

In your consultation your Naturopath will supply you with a referral form and/or test kit that provides everything you need collect a sample and send it to the laboratory for analysis. Once the results are completed and validated by the laboratory, your follow up consultation will be scheduled and your practitioner will take you though the results, what they mean for you, and the treatment recommendations that will be best suited.

Our clinic is located at 49 Chetwynd Street, North Melbourne. You can make an appointment enquiry online, email us at, or phone us on (03) 9686 2566.