Don’t Stop Telling Stories

Don’t Stop Telling Stories For 37 years I held the belief that justice- right and wrong was clear cut. That those who had been betrayed, had something ‘done’ to them were right – victims and those who ‘did’ something to others or animals or nature were wrong – victors. In fact isn’t it interesting we see victim as right yet a victim is a negative and victor is a positive? Yet in this case of doing something to someone they are wrong. I had a huge justice belief yet I didn’t end up a lawyer, police women or judge. Why? There was a greater mission for me. I had, and still have a ‘general in the army’ personality type- One the one hand, hard as nails, unwavering, constant and sometimes tough to waiver. That serves me. That serves other people by me being non-judgmental, open and will not crack when people tell me what they are most afraid to tell. This is just one part of me and at the ‘University of Myself’, I am learning about myself. I have learnt that having such a strong end of the ‘see-saw’ i.e. the general, means I also have the other end just as strong – that feels incredible emotion. I feel very strongly about people getting out of their own way and being the person they truly want to be. I understand it’s survival of the most evolved. My story started with my survival of the most evolved: Me. I knew that I could choose to be a victim or choose to learn from each situation and not let my past dictate my present nor my future. I accept everything that’s ‘happened’ in my life. It enables me to inspire others to have the courage to stand up. Use their ‘outside voice’ and be grateful for their lessons, or at the very least help them to see they were lessons. The person I am today, would not be the person writing this had I not learnt from my life experiences or if I went back and changed anything either. What I didn’t understand, nor know was that I would become grateful for my past – all of it. The ‘mistakes’, the good the bad, the shameful, the sexual & emotional ‘abuse’. From what I can gather, perhaps 10 years of it, maybe more, who knows. It doesn’t really matter if it was one time or a million times. The only thing that matters is why. Why was I ‘abused’ why did I hide it? What did I tell my sister one time and she didn’t protect me and in fact threw me directly on the fire. Why can’t I save everybody and everything? Why was I protecting my family? Why do I get so far in life, love, friendships, career, business and that’s it? I have created a ceiling for myself- Why do I sabotage? From this experience called ‘my life’, I have learnt, and am still learning, that I am open. I am aware. I am approachable and they are all the qualities I need to be able to help people in each of my companies. These are the qualities I value most and live my life by. I wake up every day and the first thought is ‘how I can help more’. Thinking huge is my mission. Greater than I ever thought possible and greater than I ever dream. I have a lot of questions and I won’t stop asking them or give up on my quest to find answers, as that is the day I stop learning and the day I die.