If you aren’t feeling 100%, contact us with a list of your symptoms or what you want to achieve and one of our wellness coaches will point you in the right direction. We offer and highly recommend you begin with a Wellness Assessment. Allow 30min and your investment is $57. This is redeemable on your next session, program or membership.

But remember – It’s not just about coming in when you aren’t feeling well. Natural medicine is also preventative, meaning that we can help stay healthy so that you never have to worry about your ill health.

We often get calls from clients that are frustrated with their previous experiences. They say, ‘I’ve been to see a practitioner before and it didn’t work. It cost me a lot of time and money.’ Not all practitioners are the same. We recommend you contact us to book in for a complimentary Wellness Assessment, Coaching Session or Complimentary Health Appraisal where we can discuss your needs, symptoms and past experience in depth.

Our practitioners are extremely comprehensive in their consults and they place a large emphasis on scientific testing. This means that any recommendation they make is made after reviewing validated test results that indicate which course of treatment would be best suited for you.

Perhaps what you think you need is not what you need right now. Being a one-stop shop for wellness, our friendly wellness coaches can help point you in the right direction of which type of service would best for you.

This all depends on your individual goals. Getting better doesn’t happen overnight, although we do our best to help you feel amazing as soon as possible. The more effort you put into sticking with your treatment plan, the faster you will get better. As a general rule, the first three consultations are vital to find out about you specifically and how your body and mind is progressing through the treatment. We never take a one size fits all approach, so it can take some time to figure out the best treatment for you. We also change your treatment as your needs change.

We want to help you maintain your optimal state of good health. Think of the best athletes, top performers in the world. Do they stop when they reach their goals? They keep training to keep in top condition! Wellness is a way of life – for life.

Your wellness is our number one priority. So whatever it takes, we will be with you to help and support you to get the very best from it. ‘One Life Live it Well’ that’s our motto here!

We believe your health and wellness is the top priority. Reaching and maintaining your goals is our mission. To do this, as with anything, it’s a way of life. It’s not about just coming for a few visits, it’s about consistently balancing your physical, mental and emotional needs. We offer various levels of care for the stage you are at.

Choose what type of care you would like or contact your wellness coach to help you find the best place to start.

Symptomatic care
Usually a once off visit to relive symptoms only where possible.

Corrective care
1st Consultation:
Your Initial Consultation is 45-60 min. During this visit, your practitioner will go through your medical history, perform some testing if needed, confirm a diagnosis where possible and perform treatment.

2nd Consultation
Testing Consultation
Further testing if needed, analysing the results of the first session and treatment. This may be 30-60 minutes

3rd Consultation
Report of Findings and personalised program recommendation
15-60 minutes. Your practitioner will go through your recommended treatment program based on your goals, medical history, diagnosis, testing results and their research with you. As an example you may be recommended an Immune Program, Fertility Program, Gut Program, Pain Program, Stress Program, Men’s or Women’s Health Program. These usually range from 3-6 months or a minimum of 6 sessions.

Wellness Care
Wellness care is similar to a gym membership where you have a weekly or annual investment in a health assurance membership that includes clinic and/or studio services. They are designed to save you time, money and the stress of trying to figure out what you need and when. Memberships help you stay on track and maintain the life you love.

We have many clients that start on a membership from the very beginning of their treatment. This ensures they receive the very best value from our services. Click here to view our membership options

It depends on your condition. While practitioners focus largely on the diet as the main source of nutrition to maintain health and wellness, when the body is out of balance, there is often a need for specific medicines to remove symptoms and correct imbalances. Practitioner prescribed supplements help speed up the healing process as you are providing your body with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs in order to function its best. These days, it’s difficult to get everything our body needs from our food, so supplements help fill in the gaps.

If you are currently taking supplements and you are and you are wondering if they are the right ones for you, contact us and we will arrange a call with one of our naturopaths to help you out. We hold regular workshops around this topic so be sure to register to our newsletter so you don’t miss out!

At MNW, only the highest quality products are used so you can be confident that they are not only effective but have undergone stringent testing to ensure they pure, ethical and of the highest quality.

The supplements you can purchase over the counter often have a much lower dose and can even be full of artificial binders and fillers. We only use high quality practitioner-only ranges which are 100% natural. There is not a one size fits all here. You are treated as an individual. Our products are stronger than the ones you find elsewhere, which will ensure you that your body is getting what it needs to get better. Not only that, you save money as you won’t need to purchase more of the lower quality products to get the same result. We also only use what we use on ourselves and our family and we have very strict standards.

If you are currently taking any medications or supplements please bring them in with you or take a photo of the ingredients to show your practitioner. Please note supplements range from $12-$100.

The short answer is no. It’s the same as calling a GP and asking for a prescription without a consultation first. They would need to find out why you need the prescription in the first place to not only ensure it’s what your body needs to heal, but to make sure that it’s safe for you to use – the same goes here.

We understand that it’s important for you to get the answers you are searching for as quickly as possible. However, in many cases, the test that you may think you need is actually not the best option for you. Coming in for an Initial Consult before you do any testing, allows your practitioner to steer you in the right direction.

Instead of trying to figure out a treatment plan for yourself, release this burden and pressure and let one of our friendly practitioners guide you. We find that with most of our clients, they end up saving time from running around trying to research and guess which test they need and they save money from spending on unnecessary tests.

Under no circumstances are we able to give test results without a consultation. Our practitioners have a duty of care to explain your test results to you and give you the option of supervised treatment. Consultations may be done over the phone if you are overseas or not available to visit our centre in-person. Once the test results have been disclosed to you, you may request for a copy to take home.

Yes. We have a Hicaps terminal so that you can claim on the spot and simply pay the gap price. Rebates are usually around $25-$150 per session. Check with your health fund for your rebate amounts.

This depends on your coverage plan with your health care provider. Please consult your health insurance provider for rebate details.