What to do when you feel like you are drowning

Number 1: Keep Swimming! Or flapping about really, until you get your little head above the water, you need to keep going. So when I feel like there are far too many things to do and way too little time, I move faster. I also limit the time I spend on low priority bullshit by asking myself… Is this life giving? If not, don’t give it life! I actually sit for 10 -30 minutes and write like mad. I write all the things I can think of that I need to do/want to do. I get out of my head!

Number 2: Tread Water Ok, so you have a HUGE list. What I do, is I look at the 3 goals I have set for myself this year, ( only 3) and break them down into categories such as work, home, friends, family, health, finance…the world ???? Treading water. Organising yourself IS working on the things you need to do. Trust me on this one.

Number 3: Doggy Paddle Those goals, things you wanted to achieve this year, are now categorised into themes… let me show you… My goals for this year are: 1. Be the fittest and healthiest version of myself 2. Inspire and excite people to take action to achieving their goals 3. Dedicate time towards doing the things I love and spending quality time with my people (I made a list the things I love) Then, my themes are: Wellness Inspiration Dedication

Number 3: Swimming! Yep, here is the fun part, swimming! You have: 1. Your list of the shit out of your head 2. Your goals, things you want to achieve this year 3. Your themes Great! now what? 90 day ACTION plan!! Reduction to the ridiculous I call it. On my page I have three themes and three goals and a huge bunch of mind vomit – aka to do list ???? Go back to this list and put next to each item what goal they match so you could do 1,2, or 3 or use letters, W=wellness I= Inspiration or D= Dedication Found some stuff you can’t categorise? I like to use this method: Action, Assign, Abandon. There are only three categories. Anything you can abandon cross it off the list. Remember if its not life giving don’t give it life! These are your goals for the year make sure the to do list is YOURS not someone else’s… You should now have a big sigh.. ahhhhhhhh :))) stretch and breathe, you are now learning to be….

Number 4: A Synchronized Swimmer! So graceful and strong, let’s go to the Olympics now! Think about which of those themes you want to focus on for the next 90 days: Wellness Inspiration Dedication You may decide you want to work on all three at once if you can. It depends on your goals and time scheduling abilities. So, if I was to do all three I would put at the top of my page: My quarterly theme is: Wellness, Inspiration, Dedication. Take these areas and divide into 5 and no more than 5 ‘Love To’s’ eg here is what my page looks like: Love to Project number 1: Wellness: 1. Eat 80% raw and organic 2. Once a week see my practitioners 3. Do a minimum of 9 exercise sessions a week Write the numbers between 1-31 underneath Each day of the month you worked on those above tick it. Love to Project number 2: Inspiration: 1. Do 15-30minutes of mind work each night 2. Read an inspiring book or story 3. Write and share my stories This works for both work and home life. You can just re-do this process for work and for home. Eg your quarterly themes for work may be: Focus or Drive or even Completion. Then, go through the steps. If the theme is completion write the top 5 things you would love to complete in 90 days and so on. I also go one step further and put todays action plan, based on that 90 day plan… Top 5 things completed today and list the 5 things I would love to get done. Productive=YES! Now you can take a photo of your 90 day plan, and store it as a screen saver, print and carry this around with you. Put it at work, in your wallet, everywhere you go to tick the boxes. It helps to keep you focused each day as I get distracted with fire fighting! I also have an accountability buddy I call once a week to talk about what I have on my list and if I am achieving it or not. That’s a whole other story ????