Feeling Fed Up Frazled and Frustrated?

There are limited days in the year left and our hours in the day seem to get shorter- or is it that we are stuffing more and more into these hours?

Are we going to get everything done? Maybe, maybe not.

Here’s the thing. Without structuring our time and having a good plan, we run around like headless chooks and end up doing so many things at once, we don’t know where we are at and although most of it gets started – it feels like nothing gets completed.










Take 5 minutes each day to make a list then AAA Action – Assign –Abandon

This trick can be used for work and home – things on your to do list. Action items are those that are life giving. If items on your list are not life giving – don’t give them life. These are also items that must be done without exception. They are usually also ones that if you do them some if not all other items on your list may become irrelevant or easier!

If they must be done, block out the time they need to have dedicated on them and also assign it, do you need to recruit anyone to assist in getting this done? Who do you need to become to get these things done? Is there a way, if you are doing this on your own, that you can time protect as well? Cross out your calendar mark as Do Not Disturb. Turn your email and mobile off and get to work on them one at a time. Have someone time protect for you if possible.

Can you abandon any items that have been on your list for months and really don’t matter anymore? Or the ones that are not in line with your top values and goals?