GUA SHA – What is it and how has this age old tool been used to help strengthen the immune system?

This form of treatment can be used for a wide variety of ailments. It can treat muscle aches and pains. It also dispels heat from the body, according to traditional Chinese medicine, so it can be used to treat heatstroke or sunstroke, dizziness and chills. It can even help to strengthen the immune system.

Gua means scraping or to scrape, and sha is the term used for the millet-like redness that may come up during or after treatment. It’s the instrument used that is called a gua sha. It may be used on its own as a treatment, or in conjunction with a massage. It is otherwise known as ‘spooning’.

Why is it necessary to use a scraping instrument? How does it even work?

The gua sha is used to dispel the heat, increase oxygen to the area and stimulate the circulation. The buffalo horn has cold properties according to Chinese medicine and, therefore, it is effective in dispelling heat factors from the body.


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The good news is that gua sha treatment isn’t painful at all. The red, millet-like colour of the skin is simply heat and toxins coming to the surface.

So why not give a gua sha treatment a try? Not only will you get the benefits of a traditional massage, or TCM treatment such as blissful relaxation, but releasing toxins from your system may prevent you from becoming sick, pain may be reduced by reducing inflammation.