Hair can reveal much about a person’s health, including their metabolism and nutritional deficiencies. At Melbourne Natural Medicine, we offer hair mineral analysis that takes an accurate snapshot of your overall health. Our procedures are safe and non-invasive, taking samples of your hair to measure your mineral and toxin levels.

Hair mineral analysis can offer more comprehensive results than standard blood and urine tests. It can be used to identify mineral imbalances and toxicity levels, both of which can contribute to health issues of varying severity. Examples of such health issues include high cholesterol, cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure and other degenerative conditions.

Personalised Strategies

For people who want to make adjustments to their dietary habits and improve their overall health, hair mineral analysis can provide the information they need to formulate personalised strategies. After hair samples have been collected and tested, we can provide extensive take-home reports that reveal your nutrient mineral levels. This useful information includes advice about which foods might improve your health and which foods you may want to avoid.

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