What the hell is wellness anyway?

I spoke to a client this week who was working 80 hours a week- plus. When I asked her why she said it’s because she is a perfectionist and her work is never perfect. She did have time over the weekend to do what she loved and when I asked her what that was she burst into tears. Ashamed to cry she said. “I can’t believe I am crying- that’s pathetic.” I said no, it’s being human. She said, I “have put this pressure on myself. I can’t even answer your question about what I love doing on the weekends!”

Guys, we are all imperfectly perfect and perfectly imperfect. Compromise not sacrifice. Are you going to look back at your life on your final day and say holy shit what a ride! Or gee, I really regret….. I wish I had…..

Remember to live your life in accordance with your top values. The things that matter most. To me, my health and fitness is important and I also love it. I love challenging myself by being creative with food, being resourceful and resilient. I workout my mind and my body. I play sport and do Yoga and Pilates, got to the gym and my pushie is my main mode of transport. I see my team of praccies, go to workshops that offer insight and learn from others. I am mindful not mind-full. Sometimes I stand on the shoulders of giants and sometimes I am the giant. I know myself well and I am still learning. Does that mean I have to be rich to do all this? No.

I do admit bikes, sport, food, practitioners, gyms etc cost money but I consider it an investment and I don’t go all showey and nuts about it. I have normal helmet, no cleats, no puffer Prada jackets and the like. Even if you have no funds, you can be well. It’s more about why you do it not how and not when and not what you do it in or on.

You can’t be everything to everybody all the time. You can’t, I tried it. You can however listen to your body, be aware of your surroundings, be mindful not mind-full. Your ‘gut’ instinct if you will. Your desire to call someone to catch up –listen to that. Your slightly sore throat, listen to that sign as well and start taking your herbs. Weird arse sleeping habits? Probably a good idea to nip that in the butt. Are you noticing what your body and mind are telling you? And don’t give me that shit about I don’t have time. EVERYONE has 24 hours in the day. EVERYONE. If you are not getting what you love done it’s time to prioritise. You can’t manage time but it can manage you.

You know what else Wellness isn’t? It’s not following a 12 week ‘change your life in one area that everyone in the whole world can follow fad’, nor attending a seminar to point out all your flaws and then pump you up without giving you insight on how to change the things you want to change. I know first hand as I have been to these and they only leave you flatter than ever before.

So, WTF is Wellness then? Wellness is trendy these days I’ll admit it. It’s thrown around like health and fitness ankle weights and fluro sweatbands were in the Jane Fonda era. When I started in the industry ( cough ) 1996, ads for Massage Therapy businesses were in the sex section of yellow pages and mostly the industry was classed as ‘ Alternative’ or Body Mind Spirit (image… dolphins diving around a star lit night sky with sunshine and rainbows for added effect.)

Wellness for me is about how smooth my ride is:


For me, and also all of my clients, it’s about focusing on all 9 dimensions of wellness:


We get these calls from clients all the time… “I am not well- I need to cancel my appointment”. Or “I am so busy at work and completely stressed out I can’t make it to my appointment.” Or, “ I can’t afford to come in.” “I hate my job but I’m stuck in it.” “ I don’t have time for myself” – The appointment the are cancelling, is usually with one of the exact specialists who can help them solve that exact issue by the way. Thinking about doing it isn’t actually doing it people.

And you know what, this is the perfect time for you to come in and see us. We can help you feel better sooner and stop going round in circles. Make the time AND take the time to sharpen your axe so you can cut down more tress.

I’m just sayin’.