Eyes are often considered windows into the soul, but they may also be windows into a person’s state of health. At Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic, we can provide iridology for people who are interested in determining any health and wellbeing issues they may be suffering from. We can closely examine the eyes of patients of all ages and offer an assessment of their overall health.

Our Process

We Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic, we have access to effective iridology equipment, including flashlights and magnifying glasses. By examining the various characteristics of your iris, we can determine information about your systemic health. Our observations are matched to detailed iris charts, which divide your iris into zones that correspond to specific parts of the body. These charts can be useful for distinguishing healthy bodily systems from those that are inflamed or distressed and require treatment. Our iridology techniques have the potential to uncover your susceptibility to certain illnesses, reflect previous illnesses, and predict health problems that may arise in the future.

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