You are about to learn the 3 simple secrets successful office workers know that help them avoid stress and anxiety.

#3. Vital for survival

#2. Keeping your cool

#1. Have we got it all wrong?

We don’t pay any attention to it, yet it’s #3 vital for our survival. Breathing is automatic but if we are conscious and aware of how we are breathing and learn to breathe correctly, it could mean less anxiety, depression and stress!

Have you ever felt yourself breathing rapidly, shallow, caught yourself sighing a lot, puffed or out of breath? These are some of the ways we describe the breathing of many people. But what about breathing easily, breathing deeply, calmly and quietly. This is the correct way to breathe.


The ANS.
#2 Keeping your cool. The ANS is the autonomic nervous system and is responsible for controlling bodily functions such as the heart, the digestive system and the good old lungs. It also controls the fight or flight response & freeze and dissociate response.

Relatively recently, a third sub system of neurons has been named: Non-adrenegic and non-chollinergic neurons (because they use Nitric Oxide as a transmitter) they have been found to be integral to the function of the lungs and a protector of the liver. Nitric oxide is no laughing matter! -Unlike it’s laughing gas friend Nitrous Oxide.

So, can we change our breathing to balance our ANS and help protect our organs? And, if we can, how does it help our anxiety and stress levels. Ask anyone suffering from anxiety and they will tell you; it’s hard to breathe, it feels like something heavy sitting on your chest. You get dizzy and can’t focus.

It can be distressing for anyone who has felt like this. Controlled breathing can promote relaxation and reduce the effects of anxiety and stress. Controlled breathing encourages the body and mind to relax instantly. Some benefits of learning controlled breathing such as the Breathe Well training by Christine Heart Savage include:

Decreased blood pressure
Decreased levels of stress hormones in the blood
Decreased lactic acid build up in the muscle tissue
Increased immune function
Increased physical energy
Increased feelings of calm and well being.

#1 Have we got it all wrong?

I have never really thought about breathing this much. But from researching and interviewing Christine Heart Savage, aka the Breathing Lady, I found the secrets to breathing well to keep a handle on anxiety and stress myself.

Christine has walked the rugged road of anxiety, stress and even breakdown. Since her recovery, she has helped train thousands of others all around Australia and is a preferred trainer for Bupa Wellness and delivers trainings to universities on correct breathing, stress management and mind wellness.

She is a published author, trainer, speaker and radio presenter. She has been interviewed by Australian Natural Health and Good Health magazines and I would love to introduce her to you.

The Breathing Lady and I invite you to The Breathe Well introductory workshop Thurs 5th Nov 12-12.30 at Melbourne Natural Wellness Studio Level 4 178 Collins St. Melbourne. Click here to find out more.

Just breathe,