Medical Intuitive in Melbourne

At Melbourne Natural Wellness, we have medical intuitives on staff who can assist with identifying problems in the body. What is a medical intuitive? A medical intuitive in Melbourne is a practitioner of alternative therapies who uses their intuitive insight to locate the cause of a physical or emotional condition. This service offers an alternative or a complementary route to finding medical knowledge. A medical intuitive can also be called a medical clairvoyant, medical psychic or intuitive counsellor.

Is This a New Practice?

No, medical intuition practitioners have been around for quite a long time in the western world and even longer in the shamanic traditions of other cultures. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802-1866) was one of the first medical intuitive practitioners in Western culture, with his healing practice that opened in 1854. Possibly the most well-known medical intuitive was Edgar Cayce (1877-1945).

Advantages of a Medical Medium Consultation

There are many advantages to experiencing a medical medium consultation, some of which include:


The approach of a medical intuitive is completely non-invasive. A medical intuitive healer uses their intuition to pinpoint problem areas and find possible answers for you to further explore with your treating doctor.

A Different Approach

Sometimes certain conditions can leave doctors scratching their heads, even with all the benefits of modern medical knowledge. In that case, a medical intuitive healer can offer a different point of view that may be the clue to finding the cause of your condition.


You might be quite a healthy person but are curious about the health and wellbeing of your body. A medical intuitive may be able to provide greater insights into keeping your body healthy as you get older.

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