At Melbourne Natural Medicine, we can provide mineral absorption diagnostic testing for all patients. We use accurate and reliable methods of assessing the effectiveness of your mineral absorption from foods and other sources. Using this information, we can then identify deficiencies and prescribe nutritional supplements to correct them.

Additional Tests

In addition to mineral absorption tests, we can also provide general hair mineral tests and specific zinc mineral tests. Our non-invasive hair mineral tests can assess over 35 nutrient and toxic minerals that your body may contain, providing details about your metabolism and nutritional health as well as identifying the level of toxic heavy metals in your system.

Our zinc tests can assess your zinc levels, ensuring that your body has access to the mineral necessary for creating neurotransmitters and hormones as well as collagen and much more. We can attempt to restore your zinc levels and retest to see if they have been corrected and maintained. This will ensure that you’re meeting your mineral requirements and that your body is properly absorbing them.

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