Musculoskeletal therapy (MST) practitioners assess and treat pain, dysfunction and restriction affecting movement, energy and vitality. MST offers a holistic approach to health that restores and maintains the integrity of the soft tissue structures (fascia, nerve, muscle, tendons, ligaments and the skeleton).

As a natural medicine practice, musculoskeletal therapy aims to address the cause of the problem. It restores balance in the body by directly influencing the physical structures and internal processes, while improving movement awareness. Melbourne Natural Medicine provides musculoskeletal therapy in Melbourne from both our North Melbourne and CBD practices. Make an appointment today.
Musculoskeletal Therapy

When to See an MST

If you are injured, suffer acute or chronic pain, feel ‘locked’ or ‘jammed’ in your body or mind, would love to move or exercise with more freedom, can identify stress of any kind anywhere in your body, or would simply love to maximise your physical health potential, musculoskeletal therapy can help.

Common conditions that MST can help with include:

  • Acute or chronic pain management
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Dance injuries and rehabilitation
  • Joint pain
  • Neurological pain – tingling, numbness or weakness
  • Sporting / gym injuries, strengthening and rehabilitation
  • Alignment and postural dysfunction
  • Sleep pattern disruption, fatigue and jet lag
  • Pre and post dental or surgery recovery
  • Preventative wellness
  • Stress management, breath dysfunction, energy preservation
  • Lymphedema

We also provide musculoskeletal therapy in Melbourne for children. Children’s MST is used to aid physical development, focus and clarity.

What Does a Normal MST Session Involve?

An initial MST session involves an in-depth discussion and physical assessment, treatment, and if necessary, a schedule for ongoing management. Subsequent musculoskeletal therapy sessions are personalised to suit you, considering your progress and goals. You may also be provided with some home exercises to integrate the work after the session is complete. This might take the form of a stability or strength exercise, a change of routine, or a shift in mental awareness.

Melbourne Natural Medicine has many investment options available, including our all-inclusive Health Assurance memberships and programs. Make an appointment for musculoskeletal therapy at our Melbourne CBD or North Melbourne clinics today.