If you’re experiencing unexplained mood changes or exhibiting signs of unusual behaviour and cognition, you might be suffering from a neurotransmitter imbalance. Fortunately, Melbourne Natural Medicine can provide accurate neurotransmitter testing that can assess your neurotransmitter levels and identify imbalances.

By collecting urine samples, we can assess the levels of various neurotransmitters in your system. This includes serotonin and dopamine as well as adrenaline and more, all of which can have a significant impact on various aspects of your life. From moods and hormones through to pain perception, appetite and cognitive function, neurotransmitters are crucial to our biological functioning.

The Benefits of Neurotransmitter Tests

Neurotransmitter tests can determine whether your neurotransmitter levels are too low or too high. Although we’re unable to diagnose specific conditions, we can identify the chemical imbalance that may be causing your symptoms. We can then formulate personalised treatment plans, recommending nutritional and dietary supplements that correct chemical imbalances.

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