Open and aware- what does that mean?

I am an open and aware person what does that mean? I create a connection with people. I am a ‘magnet’ for people to approach me to talk about anything they like without judgement. I ‘get’ people. I inspire them to find the courage to use their ‘outside’ voice and help them to live the life they dream about. I live my life in accordance with my values. Open Connection, Travel, Helping. I am the inspiration for others to be their own inspiration and my goal is to help them reach theirs. I am a change facilitator. I am a work in progress, imperfectly perfect and perfectly imperfect. I am inwardly fluent, emotionally intelligent, and outwardly influential. I am helping people reach their goals by leading by example. I am living my life to my highest values and purpose by being the inspiration for others to find the inspiration in themselves. I walk, talk, eat sleep, breathe and share wellness. I wake up in the morning and think.. how I can help more. I allocate time to work on my mind and my body with fitness, eating well and I am grateful for everything, everyone and every experience in my life and accept and love myself and others unconditionally. I am courageous, confident, demanding, patient, a great communicator, level headed and emotionally intelligent. I see things in people they can’t or won’t see for themselves and let them know what I find. I see things from all sides and offer people an alternative point of view. I help people find their strength and the answers inside themselves. I am remembered for being an inspiration, touching lives, and helping people live their lives to their highest values and purpose. By being true to my mission, values and purpose in life, I have above and beyond what I dream about. I do not limit my ceiling of ‘energy’ as this enables me to help more people, to live the lifestyle I choose and I assist others to have a home, be educated and reach their goals. I am the voice for, and help others who are the voice, for animals and children – to create better lives for them without compromise. I am loving unconditionally and understanding, I act -not react to situations and keep a clear level head. I see situations objectively and from both sides. I am here to help, I am honest and accepting both myself and others. I am the inspiration for others to find the inspiration inside themselves.