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Black-and-White-Cropped-Pic-211x300Erica has been a practicing naturopath in Melbourne for twenty years, working foremost with nutritional therapies to improve and reduce inflammatory pathways that contribute to both physical disease and mental health issues. After spending many years treating mental health issues such as anxiety, addictions and depression with Hypnotherapy, Erica completed further training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), counselling and a Post Graduate Diploma with Honours in Psychology.

Her approach to natural medicine is to treat both the mind and the body trying to reduce inflammatory pathways that contribute to both mental and physical disease. Erica combines, transformational, leading edge techniques of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ techniques and Hypnotherapy, to empower her clients to achieve exceptional results. These techniques are very safe and very comfortable for the client, work very quickly and provide long-term results. NLP can assist you to free yourself from your fears, self-doubts, past hurts and to stop the unwanted patterns and habits in your life so that you can create a great relationship, and a fulfilling career. Erica can assist you to obtain clarity on your direction and life purpose, values and goals and help you to develop strategies to more quickly achieve your goals, dreams and heart’s desires.

How do we combine Clinical Nutrition to optimise your health?

For clients wanting to improve any aspect of their health, combining clinical nutrition with NLP, Time Line Therapy™ techniques and Hypnotheray will assist you to produce excellent results.

Clinical nutrition is aimed at dealing with the underlying issues affecting the lymphatic, immune, respiratory and digestive systems, including coeliac, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, wheat and gluten intolerance, weight problems, other related health conditions and emotional issues. Once the underlying issues are addressed, the focus is on educating you in healthy eating, a positive attitude towards food and behaviours that are supportive of optimal health and longevity. By treating the physical body, emotional distress improves and vice versa, by resolving emotional issues, physical ailments improve.

Inflammatory messages in the body can be produced as a result of what happens in the mind (example stress) or as a result of physical disease (immune cells produce inflammatory messages that act on the nervous system). A classic example of this seen with gut problems, specifically IBS where there is close relationship seen between IBS and anxiety/depression. Once the gut is repaired the anxiety and/or depression are also dramatically improved. As an adjunct to her treatment Erica uses advanced technology and tools, including cellular health measurements to help with her investigations.

Erica is passionate about treating mental health issues through natural medicine and if patients are interested, Erica combines focused mind therapy with specific nutritional approaches to improve mind –body health.

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