Pranic Healing at Melbourne Natural Wellness

When it comes to pranic healing in Melbourne, the basic tenet of the philosophy is to acknowledge and coordinate with the body’s natural tendency to heal itself. On a literal level, prana means life force or energy. It is this life force that is activated during pranic healing to facilitate natural healing. Pranic healing has been used successfully by countless people across the world. At Melbourne Natural Wellness, we offer pranic healing performed by staff who have completed comprehensive pranic healing courses in Melbourne.

What is the History of Pranic Healing?

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui developed the technique of pranic healing over 20 years, after many experiments and evidence-based research. His system is easy to learn and use, which is perhaps why it has proven so popular.

While our pranic healing is based in Melbourne, there are similar centres for the practice located in over 100 places around the world. It is best to use pranic healing alongside conventional medical treatments rather than instead of them.

How Does Pranic Healing Work?

Pranic healing in Melbourne is designed to cleanse the aura and allow more energy to flow around the body, helped by the practitioners’ use of hand movements to direct the flow. Pranic healing aids in the energising of the body. Practitioners link stagnation in the energetic body to physical and emotional ailments. By addressing blockages in the energetic body, pranic healing seeks to go to the source of the problem.

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