Pyroluria is a chemical imbalance that occurs when the body fails to synthesise haemoglobin correctly. Most common in women, the condition can cause problems of varying severity, including vitamin deficiencies. At Melbourne Natural Medicine, we offer Pyrrole disorder testing for patients who want to address these issues.

Several emotional and behavioural disorders are linked to pyroluria. Symptoms may include an inability to control stress, pronounced mood swings, poor memory, insomnia, anxiety, abnormal fat distribution, impaired immune function, and more.

Treatment Options

Various genetic and environmental factors can make people susceptible to pyroluria. This includes overuse of antibiotics, prolonged periods of stress, poor dietary habits, alcoholism, childhood trauma, environmental toxicity, and more.

We can provide take-home kits that you can use to collect urine samples. We will then examine these samples to determine whether you’re suffering from pyroluria.

The information from the samples can help us formulate personalised treatment programs to relieve your symptoms. This may include suggestions to improve digestion or lower stress levels. It may also include prescribing specific dosages of nutritional supplements such as specific b vitamins, zinc, and essential fatty acids.

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