No, it’s a lot more than that. In fact, reflexology treatments at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic may also involve the face and hands. Reflexology is an ancient holistic healing art dating back to Egyptian times. It is based on the principle that all areas and organs of your body are mapped onto your feet. Congestion or tension in a part of the foot may “mirror” congestion or tension in the corresponding body part. The feet contain over 7000 nerve endings and over one quarter of the body’s bones. By applying a series of touch and pressure techniques to your feet, foot reflexology in Melbourne can help you regain a balanced state. Reflexology massage promotes the release of blocked energy and allows the body to detoxify and relax, achieving balance.

Hand reflexology uses a different technique to foot reflexology due to the fact that the hands are very flexible and the pressure points are located deeper under the skin. Finally, face reflexology, while less well known, also involves the manipulation of pressure points on the ears and face that correspond with specific areas of the body. To experience this treatment for yourself, book an appointment with our reflexology specialist at Melbourne Natural Wellness.



Reflexology massage can also help alleviate stress and illness symptoms such as headaches, muscle pain, anxiety, and digestive issues such as bloating. These symptoms can be immediately resolved. Any changes to sleep patterns can also be normalised quite quickly through reflexology. During a treatment at our reflexology clinic, you’ll experience deep relaxation and feelings of peace and calm.

Foot reflexology can also help:

  • Reduce pain
  • Help eliminate toxins
  • Enhance relaxation
  • Encourage restful sleep
  • Reduce psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and low moods
  • Reduce headaches and migraines

The profound relaxation found in a reflexology massage is a great stress reliever – and it has been well established that negative stress is a precursor to most disease.

Watch this quick video, Reflexology in Action, here. Caution – this contains relaxing images and may cause you to feel good!


Because reflexology theory states that points on the hands, feet and face correspond to specific organs, bones and body systems, reflexology doctors will access these points during a reflexology session to affect organs and systems throughout the body.

They may perform a general session or, if you are experiencing a particular problem, they may focus on specific areas of the feet, hands or face.


When you book an appointment for reflexology at Melbourne Natural Medicine clinic, our reflexology specialist will start by gently cleansing your feet. The treatment then involves the application of specific pressure to each part of the foot, ears and hands. The best reflexology is always very gentle and should not cause discomfort. At the end of the treatment, your therapist will identify areas of concern they found in your body, and a tailored treatment plan will then be put in place for you. It is our high level of patient care that has earned Melbourne Natural Medicine clinic the reputation for offering the best reflexology Melbourne wide.



When you book in for reflexology massage at Melbourne Natural Medicine clinic, we treat you as a member of our family. We listen to what you have to say, we support you in every way we can, and help you discover your best ‘wellness self’. If you know what type of treatment you want or need, you can make an appointment with us at any time and begin treatment. We’ll work with you to find the underlying cause of your problem and set about relieving the symptoms and restoring your body’s natural balance.

Alternatively, if you’re uncertain about what kind of therapy is best for you, we’re also happy to help by providing you with a no-obligation, free consultation. We will discuss your symptoms and work out which of our services are likely to benefit you the most, whether it be candle ear wax removal, parasite testing in Melbourne or sports massage in Melbourne CBD.

For more than a decade, our dedicated team of wellness experts, including reflexology doctors, have been helping over 10,000 people each year to reach and maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing goals. So why not join them?

If you live or work in the CBD, our Melbourne reflexology clinic is conveniently located at 49 Chetwynd St, North Melbourne. You can also get in touch by filling in our online contact form or calling us on (03) 9686 2566. We’re your sanctuary in the city and we’re here to help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be, so contact us today and begin your journey towards wellness with the best reflexology Melbourne has to offer.