When it comes to chronic pain management in Melbourne, finding the right practitioner for your particular needs can take some trial and error before settling on one that provides you with true healing. The naturopaths at Melbourne Natural Medicine clinic offer a variety of treatments for chronic pain management, including kinesiology and lymphatic drainage.


Kinesiology allows you to tap into your body’s own wisdom and helps you balance your body, mind and spirit. It allows you to identify and remove the blocks from your life that are preventing you from reaching the abundance of health and vitality (and anything else) you want.

Kinesiology is one of the most powerful mindset therapies available, as it taps into your subconscious and helps you identify the underlying root cause of your troubles. Knowledge is the key. When you become aware of why you feel unwell or why you always attract the same old scenario into your life, it gives you the power to take the necessary actions to change your life.

Kinesiology in Melbourne is also very useful for physical conditions and may be used as a safe and non-invasive way to identify immune mismatch responses (allergens), structural imbalances, causes of chronic pain (after which you can determine the most appropriate form of chronic pain management), and general patterns of imbalance in the body.


The practice of kinesiology is one that helps your body communicate what it needs in order for it to heal. A kinesiology specialist is able to communicate directly with your body using muscle monitoring and identify any emotions that are stored within your body. Simply put, when a circumstance is stressful for us, our muscles will indicate this by moving. When a circumstance is not stressful, our muscles will have a “locked” response and not move.

Our kinesiologist will ask your body a series of questions, and based on your muscles’ response to these questions, the practitioner is able to help you connect the dots with what may be going on in your life and how that may be affecting your body and wellbeing. This can bring up old unresolved issues or beliefs that have been stored within your body for years. Simply bringing them into your conscious mind is truly healing, and many experience an awakening experience during these sessions.

For example, if you are curious if your body is reacting to gluten, a kinesiologist can place a piece of bread on your body and do a muscle test which can indicate potential immune mismatch responses (allergens). Furthermore, kinesiology in Melbourne can help determine why your body is having a stressful response to the gluten, when it started, and what your body needs in order to help shift this response. It’s a very powerful modality, and many people experience massive mind, body and spirit shifts even after a one hour session.

Kinesiology can identify a wide range of health problems, including:

  • Allergies
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Emotional problems
  • Learning and behavioural difficulties
  • Anxiety
  • Low moods
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic pain
  • Toxicity
  • Causes of your Stress
  • Resolve reasons why you feel ‘stuck’
  • Break habits and ‘cycles’

Whether you’re interested in kinesiology to identify a problem or assist with chronic pain management in Melbourne, make an appointment with Melbourne Natural Medicine clinic today. Call us on (03) 9686 2566 or contact us online.